Wrongly targeted, your wild boar breeding in Marminiac is compliant and regulatory

Following the article published in the Sunday edition that calls into question, through a letter of complaint addressed to the mayor of the Lot, Isabelle and Claude Delmon’s wild boar breeding in Marminiac, La Dépêche du Midi went to meet the couple. It was clear that the wild boar park is completely closed, safe and compliant. That the farm complies perfectly with the regulations in force and that your animals cannot be the cause of the damage observed in your neighbours’ meadows. Its origin is obviously linked to the passage of wild animals, contrary to what our article mentioned.

Far from the annoyances their owners have been experiencing in recent days, Isabelle and Claude Delmon’s wild boars were peaceful and quiet in their 1.7 hectare park this afternoon. However, it is they who are framed by neighbors who have seen their properties plowed these days and pointed the finger at the animals on the other side of the fence.

Animals tagged and listed on the breeding record

No offense to some, in fact, the couple’s breeding boars are in a well and truly enclosed enclosure, and none of them have gone after them. As the Marminiac breeders explain: “All our animals, currently about fifteen with the youngest ones, have a tag with the number of our breeding. They are all registered in the breeding register and none have disappeared”.

With a two-meter-high mesh fence, buried at more than 50 cm, and a double electric fence system that is added inside and outside, not forgetting the padlock on the gate; impossible to see these animals running away.

This new accusation aimed at them is too much for this family that until then preferred to remain silent so as not to make things worse. “We did everything to be in order. The order to open a wild boar breeding establishment was obtained on July 10, 2019 from the Lot prefecture, at the same time as my certificate of breeder capacity. increase our breeding last January”, recalls Isabelle Delmon.

This wild boar park is for these enthusiasts a simple family creation and no wild boar is released in the wild, which is also prohibited. “In the last 6 months we have had numerous checks, the one from the Environmental Police, among others, but also another to our calf breeding and yet another to the forestry activity”, say the farmers, surprised by this succession of visits, while regularly noticing acts malicious attacks on your property or belongings.

“Without a doubt, the damage is due to wild animals”

There is no need to procrastinate according to the president of the Marminiac hunting society “Causse Saint-Hubert”: “It was the wild boars that did the damage. It cannot be otherwise,” insists Richard Van Leeuwen.

Also, in their hunting grounds, the city’s fifteen or so hunters keep a close eye on the herd. “It has been several years since no damage has been declared, except on this property; which we are not allowed to pass or hunt. Which we respect, because the same goes for insurance matters”, points out the president who, according to the requests of each other, is careful to regulate the wild boar population in the best possible way. Currently around thirty animals have been killed by the local hunting society, far fewer than last year because there are fewer wild boar in the area.

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