Wolf: MP takes on green extremists

Last Saturday, our colleague Infos Dijon, published a press release by the deputy of Saône-et-Loire Josiane Corneloup (Les Républicains) in which the elected official protests against public policies in relation to the wolf whose predations are meant to deliver severe blows to the pastoral agriculture. Madame Corneloup chastises” taking them out of a radical and blind ecology » and requests a review of the national plan for the wolf, currently in force until 2023. Fully in accordance with the words of this member of the national representation, we deliver this text in its entirety:

The National Action Plan on wolves and breeding activities, known as the “National Wolf Plan”, prepared in 2018, will run until 2023. After that date, it will have to be revised. France in the 1990s without any prior consultation with local elected officials and creators. This is one example among many of an urban and technocratic vision of rurality, which ignores or ignores the realities of territories and their inhabitants.

In thirty years, wolves have multiplied acts of predation, created permanent anxiety among many breeders, and caused tens of millions of euros in public spending aimed at protecting farms and compensating breeders.

This situation cannot continue. It is about the survival of ancestral agropastoral activities that, with all due respect to the defenders of a radical and blind ecology, have brought much more to the guarantee of biodiversity and the development of territories than the reintroduction of the wolf.

With at least about 1,000 wolves at the last count, the species is no longer threatened. Remember that the Wolf Plan 2018-2023 sets a viability limit for the species at 500 individuals. It is urgent, given the increasing pressure of the wolf on the territories that it continues to colonize, to carry out a real consultation with the Ministers of Agriculture of the European States for the purpose of reviewing the Berne Convention ratified by France in 1989 and the European directive of May 21, 1992 “Habitats, Fauna, Flora”. The aim is, therefore, to obtain the declassification of this predator, which must change from the status of a strictly protected species to that of a protected species, which would make it possible to remove the “Canis Lupus” from the species that requires strict protection.

As a member of the “Grupo Lobo”, I will propose, during the reformulation of the new “national wolf plan”, which will come into force in 2024:
– an end to the overprotection of the wolf, which is done to the detriment of safeguarding pastoral agriculture based on raising herds in pastures;
– taking into account the leading role of pastoralism and promoting the work of breeders in protecting the environment and its many ecosystems;
– the attribution in favor of more territories of the status of “areas difficult to protect” against wolf attacks. For example, for the benefit of the very fragmented bocage of Charolais Brionnais, which makes the installation of protective equipment very complex, the effectiveness of which is still very uncertain.
-the right of self-defense must be recognized to breeders when their herds are attacked.

Protect the wolf at all costs in the name of biodiversity and its well-being, to the detriment of human activities that have always existed and the well-being, never mentioned, of sheep, foals or other calves that have been mutilated, disemboweled, slaughtered by a predator that doesn’t kill just for food, is a freak. It has to be finished.
In this regard, I requested a meeting with Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, as well as with Christophe Bechu, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.

In the meantime, and after many conversations with the Mayor of Saône-et-Loire, very aware of the anguish of the breeders, I welcome the action of the State services which, since the first attacks, have tried to speed up the procedures, and I am delighted with the creation of an additional national wolf brigade that many of us requested.
I give all my support to the creators, powerless in the face of these attacks, and I assure them of my total determination to allow them to exercise their profession with serenity. »

Josiane Corneloup
PM to Saône et Loire

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