When EELV wants to ban the expansion of a hunting farm that wants to improve animal welfare!

A few days ago, the EELV departmental section in Deux Sevres got people talking about it with France 3 and Nouvelle Aquitaine. And for good reason, she doesn’t want the expansion of a hunting farm that benefits from all the regulations for it. We therefore proposed that DENIS Bourasseau, President of Gibovendée and co-manager of this creation, respond to our dogmatic green friends!

“We want to expand a hunting farm and we are attacked. However, what could be more normal to expand for better animal management and when the project aims to increase the surface area of ​​the aviaries (including part in photovoltaic aviaries) and therefore their production capacity?
What could be more normal when you choose to develop land in property rather than leased land?
What could be more normal when this project aims to increase the number of employees to strengthen the teams and thus allow a reduction in the rotation frequency of the weekend shift?

And so, in addition, here is a farm that has three objectives: to improve both the welfare and the quality of the birds produced and also to meet the demand of the employees. Obvious you will tell me and it was not even counting the dogmatic positions of EELV79 who severely criticized this project, alerting the investigating commissioner a few minutes before the end of the investigation and writing a press release. Usual a priori technique where dialogue can only be done through interposed means!

We then observe in their arguments

Number manipulation:
YES the request is for 96,000 birds, but NO, there cannot be 96,000 birds in the aviaries at the same time. EELV forgets to specify that these are successive batches to meet the hunters’ demand, whether for summer, autumn or winter restocking.

YES the aviaries are two meters high but obviously we forgot to specify that these are the side partitions and that in the middle of the facilities the birds have a habitable space up to 4 meters high!

An image of our outdated profession
The cocotte in the sketch of the strangers is from another time. Today, game breeders breed birds that correspond to the requirements of hunters, quite heavy if they are looking for a cantonment of populations, quite light if they want very active and flying birds. The vivacity of the latter no longer needs to be demonstrated.

GIBOVENDEE, to which the breeder of 79 belongs, is known and recognized in all the countries of EUROPE for the genetic quality of its birds, for its involvement in the purity of red partridges and in the management of the genetic diversity of breeders. We are far from the famous “casserole” and the famous hunters across the Channel praise it regularly! How no one is a prophet in your country! Exports represent 60% of the group’s activity.

a new problem
Yes, animal welfare is taken into account in the choices and developments of the GIBIOVENDEE group. Experiments are underway for new modes of reproduction in a dedicated research center… Breeders are being trained and a large number of them were until yesterday in training with an ethologist.

But let’s give breeders time to find and master new techniques with the dual aim of respecting the working comfort of breeders and staff and improving animal welfare. The laying of nests for the production of hatching eggs appeared 20 years ago, undoubtedly improving the quality of work. At the time, animal welfare was not a hot topic. This is the case today and everyone is actively working to move towards this strong social demand. Please trust us!

Pollution and other risks

As long as a creator wants and decides to do things right, legally, he is yelled at even if it means kicking him out. Instead of being criticized, it should be encouraged and set an example for all breeders and for all species to start this process calmly, with total transparency and in absolute compliance with the rules. The EELV press release, I fear, will have the opposite effect! Finally, it will not escape anyone who, in addition to all these arguments, and the press release is clear, that the EELV calls for the cessation of breeding and, therefore, the cessation of hunting. Let us ask ourselves, then, who will be able to repopulate the territories, without the creation of small game, game will disappear and with it the fauna and biodiversity. Nature is no longer what it was in the 1950s, agricultural rotations have evolved, urban influence is rapidly progressing, predatory wildlife is extremely present and consumes small game. So yes, EELV doesn’t want to hunt and attack breeders, the end goal is obvious!

GIBOVENDEE practices CINEGETICULTURE, that is, the art of breeding and breeding animals to make them able to defend themselves and reproduce in their natural environment.
The quality of its production in hatching eggs, day-old chicks, hatched or adult birds, game birds or restocking birds is recognized and recognized throughout Europe.
Their farms are monitored by specialized veterinarians and the administrative authorities constantly visit, control and certify the good performance of the farms, respect for animal welfare and sanitary control.
For over 50 years, no offense to our friends in Europe Ecologie Les Verts, GIBOVENDEE has been at the service of hunting, at the service of hunters, at the service of breeders!

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