VIDEO. A three-legged deer shot near a house in the Oise, netizens light up

In this screenshot from the AVA video, it's clear that the downed deer lost its leg a long time ago.
In this screenshot from the AVA video, it’s clear that the downed deer lost its leg a long time ago. (©Capture AVA)

ONE dog hunting team killed two deer Saturday, October 15, 2022, in the forest of Compiègne, in the department of Oise. According to collective VLE (Let’s abolish the venery now) that tracks the hunts every week, one of the animals tracked by the dog pack was shot on private property a few dozen meters from a dwelling.

The deer only had three legs

Worst, the hunted animal was crippled, deprived of its left front paw. The video images posted online by the collective leave no doubt as to the animal’s disability.

However, according to a ministerial decree of 25 February 2019, modifying a 1982 text on which the opponents of hunting are based, “ In great venery, when an animal is in the bay or on the farm (on the way, captured, forced or running hallali) and which is close to residences, adjacent private gardens, it should be forgiven. »

The question is whether the deer was on the protected perimeter because of the nearby house. The fatal shot actually took place in a pasture occupied by breeding horses, separated from the garden of the house by a fence…

The dogs were chasing another deer for two hours

Galloping on three legs, the deer was chased by the pack when it was on the trail of another animal for two hours. The dogs would have walked away abruptly on the trail of the three-legged deer.

He managed to jump a fence, but quickly found himself surrounded by dogs. It was there, in a horse-reception camp, that the prickly, leader of the pack in charge of killing the game, shot and killed him.

A storm of outrage, the mayor of Oise arrested

Published on social networks, the video generated a storm of indignation. Hundreds of comments denounce “an act of torture”, “a medieval barbarism“, “scandalous, sickly, miserable”… The hunters are willingly described as ” bunch of bloodthirsty lawless…” and even “psychopaths”

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A large number of netizens are surprised that the gendarmes present near the hunt let things go. They speak directly to the mayor of the Oise: “Shoot within 100 m of a house! Will you react? This is the second time and the first time there has been a 15 day suspension! They still don’t understand! »

The team in question was indeed hit with a 15-day suspension last January after shooting a deer that took refuge in a housing project in Morienval.

A sanitary shot according to the hunters

If the communication officer of the crew in question did not answer our calls, the captain of another crew contacted by Oise news, who had heard about this three-legged deer shot in the forest of Compiègne, indicates that in this case we can speak of a “sanitary draft. Deprived of one of its legs, the animal was doomed. “.

It’s all a matter of point of view… If we take the side of the hunters, the animal can really seem doomed because of its illness.

But if we side with animal advocates, the deer was by no means condemned, as the loss of its leg obviously dates back a long time, and should even be protected.

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