Victory! EGYPTAIR ends transporting monkeys to laboratories following an international campaign by PETA

Victory! EGYPTAIR ends transporting monkeys to laboratories following an international campaign by PETA

PARIS – The airline EGYPTAIR has informed PETA the United States that it will no longer transport monkeys from Africa and Asia to laboratories in the United States and elsewhere. This follows an intense three-month campaign by PETA entities around the world, which included protests at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, as well as at airports in London, New York, Washington, Frankfurt and Manila. ; emails from over 100,000 supporters of PETA entities; hundreds of phone calls; and online advertisements.

PETA Asia also sent T-shirts and coffee mugs emblazoned with artwork urging the airline to stop cruel monkey shipments to EGYPTAIR executives and sent an open letter to its CEO to all company employees. Other organizations including One Voice in France, Action for Primates in the UK and Stop Camarles in Spain have also campaigned to end this sordid transport.

Airline workers alerted PETA USA about a shipment of 720 monkeys being transported by EGYPTAIR from Cambodia to JFK Airport in New York on April 30. Records reveal that the airline has flown 5,000 monkeys to the United States since March.

“EGYPTAIR’s decision will save thousands of monkeys from being ripped from their families, packed into small boxes and shipped around the world to endure misery and death in laboratories,” says Mimi Bekhechi, vice president of PETA. “Any other airline that is considering getting into this cruel business should think twice – PETA Entities are ready to campaign against any other airline that intends to profit from flying monkeys to undergo cruel experiments. »

In January, Kenya Airways announced that it was ending transporting monkeys to laboratories just 24 hours after discussions with US PETA, and in June, French air banned the practice after a decade-long global campaign by PETA.

In laboratories, primates can be mutilated, poisoned, deprived of food and water, forcibly restrained, infected with painful and deadly diseases, psychologically tormented and killed. And the trade and transport of wild monkeys for experimental purposes poses a serious risk to public health and causes immense animal suffering. These highly social and sensitive individuals are captured from the wild to be shipped to squalid laboratories or factory farms, where many die from injuries and disease before they are even crammed into small wooden crates and confined in dark, dark bunkers. than 30 hours.

One species of monkey that was transported by EGYPTAIR was the long-tailed monkey. Last month, the International Union for Conservation of Nature raised the conservation status of long-tailed and pigtail monkeys from “vulnerable” to “endangered.” The exploitation of these once abundant species in the international wildlife trade for experimental purposes is a major factor in the dramatic collapse of their numbers in the wild.

This victory will make it harder for experimenters to exploit primates, but now the animals suffering in the labs need everyone to act to end animal experimentation in the EU.

PETA, whose motto says in particular that “animals do not belong to us and [que] we don’t need to use them for our experiments”, opposes speciesism, the ideology that postulates a false superiority of humans over other animals to justify their exploitation and commodification. For more information visit or follow the association’s latest news at Facebook, twitter Where Instagram.

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