Vendée: a new duck farm contaminated by bird flu

Illustration / Christophe Cibola ©Illustration / Christophe Cibola

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 25thone new outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza contamination was confirmed in Vendee on a farm Ducks mules for Saint-Christophe-du-Ligneron.

The slaughter of the 15,000 ducklings present at the site was carried out on the same day.

Third house in Vendée

Since the beginning of the year, it is the third outbreak detected in the department.

As a reminder, a first case of Bird flu (AIHP H5N1) in a batch of 12,800 turkeys from a professional breeder in Beaufou, from contamination by wild birds, was confirmed by the national reference laboratory on 2 January.

After the slaughter of all the birds present at the site and the visits and samples carried out by the health veterinarians in the farms located within a radius of 3 kilometers around the outbreak, as well as in the lower yards of the nearby perimeter, this area was stabilized on 11 January.

On January 9, a second outbreak was declared in the city of Saint-Hilaire-des-Loges on a duck farm.

The 25,000 ducks were also slaughtered on the 9th and 10th of January.

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Here too, after the intervention of health veterinarians, the perimeter of the area around this focus was stabilized on 20 January.

paid breeders

The Vendée prefecture recalls that “State services, and more particularly the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP), are mobilized together with the breeder who will be compensated for the direct losses linked to the slaughter of birds and costs related to disinfection of facilities, as well as indirect losses due to the lengthening of “crawl spaces” prior to the resettlement of new birds.

A “high” risk level in Vendée

ONE new perimeter of protection and surveillance was installed within 3 and 10 kilometers around this third outbreak.

The city hall recalls that “the level of risk vis-à-vis the IAAP is high”.

Although highly pathogenic, the virus can be introduced by contagion, but also separately.

The first two outbreaks, for example, are due to the same virus, but they were two different viral introductions.

Mandatory measures to be applied

It is for this reason that mandatory measures imposed throughout the Vendée territory.

These measures are:

  • shelter birds from professional farms;
  • the ban on gatherings of poultry and other captive birds and the ban on the participation of poultry and other captive birds originating in the Vendée in gatherings organized in the rest of the territory;
  • enhanced transport conditions, the introduction of game birds into the wild and the use of decoys.

“For all players in the sector, it is about ensuring the strictest application of biosecurity measures. The same recommendations apply to private owners of pens and ornamental birds”, indicates the municipality of Vendée.

Compliance with all these measures will also be subject to reinforced controls by agents of the Vendée DDPP over the next few weeks.

The prefecture also asks any bird keeper (professional and private) to immediately report any suspicion (abnormal mortalities in particular) to their health veterinarian or, failing that, to the Vendée DDPP ([email protected])

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