throughout the summer, Haguenau continues unusual visits to its territory

That’s it, summer is here, bringing with it the desire for novelties and discoveries. Some set out to visit the world, others travel along the French coasts… but most don’t know that there are many things to explore nearby! Whether you are a foodie, a budding artist, a culture lover, a nature lover or simply curious, we wanted to take you to (re)discover our beautiful region, towards the Pays de Haguenau. Throughout the summer, this territory offers gourmet, curious or even unusual visits to get to know its inhabitants. Follow the guide, we explain everything!

Pottery workshop, introduction to forestry therapy or even theatrical visits: throughout the summer, the Pays de Haguenau, located about 30 kilometers from Strasbourg, offers a whole program of guided tours! Accessible to everyone, these visits allow you to enjoy the little pleasures of the region, while getting to know who makes them. The opportunity to discover new places, paths, smells, but also to meet enthusiasts who immerse us in their world, their profession and their history.

On our side (we didn’t change a winning team) we quickly returned to the chapter “For gourmets”, which offers visits to breweries and farms, with the promise of small moments full of indulgence and generosity. Head to Domaine des Bufflonnes for a mouth-watering guided tour!

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Gourmet visit: discovering the Domaine des Bufflonnes!

We couldn’t talk about these summer visits without having at least tested one. That’s why we chose to go to a unique place in the region: the Bufflonnes farm in Uhrwiller. Visit to the farm facilities, discovery of the processing workshops, caressing sessions with the buffaloes, tasting of mozzarella: we wet our bathing suits and approached animals weighing almost a ton, and it was well worth the detour! Thanks to the explanations of Michaël, the head of the place, we had the chance to discover an unknown and fascinating world.

The 3,500 m2 of Domaine des Bufflonnes are tucked away at the foot of the North Vosges, in a verdant corner of Alsace, among fields, forests and small half-timbered houses. Once the car is parked, we are greeted by Michaël, our guide for the day. With Sophie, his wife, they decided to embark, 4 years ago, on a unique creation in Alsace: that of buffaloes. In all, 110 beautiful young women from Asia share the property’s spaces. The latter, brand new, was recently opened. There is a reception area for visitors, a processing lab, a new generation barn (where you can pet the animals), but also a shop with indoor and outdoor spaces to sit out in the cold, grab a tip and have a drink.

At Domaine des Bufflonnes, animal welfare is essential, and the desire to control the entire sector is very important to Michaël and his family. Here we do everything: from the cultivation of corn that feeds the animals, to milking, to the manufacture and sale of cheese, it is a true virtuous circle dominated by the family. Knowing that a buffalo produces 3 to 4 times less milk than a cow, the family knows that this animal, as stubborn as it is curious, should be pampered and respected. That’s why they invested in a milking terminal and a new high-tech barn that doesn’t store heat. Inside, the buffaloes have space and it is certainly less hot than in our apartments in Strasbourg. Also, visitors can easily get to know them, and this is essential.

During the visit, we also met the cheesemakers who work the precious milk to make a whole series of cheeses. Mozza, of course, the best seller, but also feta, tomé, natural yogurt, fresh cheeses, spreads and other delicacies sold in the store, which can also be consumed on site. A little favorite: we also invite you to try the buffalo milk ice cream, a real delight! To live this experience yourself, The next guided tours of the Domaine des Bufflonnes will take place on the 8th and 22nd of July and 26th of August at 4pm, at 34 rue Neuve in Uhrwiller. To register, simply call 03 88 06 59 99 and pay the amount of €9 per person for adults and €3 for children (4 to 10 years) directly on site. The visit lasts between 1h30 and 2h and the price includes the tasting 😉

Organ factory, theater and ceramics: 6 other ideas for guided tours to enjoy the summer

Visit to Quentin Bluemenroeder’s Organ Factory

Creating instruments with fire, iron and forging, seeing a unique piece emerge, handcrafted by an Alsatian artisan: this is the experience offered by Mr. Bluemenroeder. In his workshop located in the heart of Haguenau, Quentin welcomes visitors to share his century-old know-how. Between transmission and knowledge of the arts, we will delve into the past here, lulled by the roar of fire and the tinkle of instruments that work with metal and wood. The smells, the colors and the very special atmosphere that reigns in these places frozen in time, will eventually take us to another place for the time of the visit.

Visits on July 9 at 5 pm and August 28 at 10 am..
Duration of the visit: from 1h to 1h30
Meet at 10 rue du Grenier, register at the Tourist Office at 03 03 88 06 59 99 / All program

Dramatized tours of the Laub museum

Close to Bischwiller, the Théâtre des 2 Haches offers theatrical entertainment from the La Laub Museum. This museum, in the form of a majestic Alsatian house, is filled with scenes, models and reconstructed objects that allow visitors to better immerse themselves in the prosperous years of Alsatian textiles. Through 6 small scenes, and thanks to actors who will bring the place to life, we will travel through time to discover the textile history of the city and the stages of manufacture of the different fabrics.

Visits on July 17th and August 21st at 4pm.
Meet in front of the Laub 10 place de la Mairie museum in Bischwiller. Total price: 5€. Reduced price: 3€. Free for children under 12 years old.
03 88 53 71 54 / The entire program

Guided tour of the Siegfried-Burger pottery workshop

When we talk about ceramics, we necessarily start from the side of Soufflenheim. In this small typical Alsatian village, terracotta has been crafted for generations, and the success of the famous colorful ceramics goes far beyond our region. A visit to a pottery workshop in Soufflenheim is therefore a must for any Alsatian who loves their heritage and traditions.

Visits from July 26 to August 30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 pm.
Discover the Siegfried-Burger ceramics
10 rue de la Montagne in Soufflenheim
Free access, booking recommended
03 88 86 60 55 / The entire program

Uberach brewery guided tour

Uberach is the name of this Alsatian craft brewery that mousse fans know well. Located northwest of Haguenau, you can discover the brewing past of Val-de-Moder and its anecdotes. After visiting the brewery and its facilities, you will of course be offered a tasting, an unmissable, friendly and hoppy moment.

Visits in July and August, Thursdays and Fridays, at 10:30 am and 4:30 pm.
Meeting at Brasserie Uberach, 5 Rue du Cerf
67350 Val-de-Moder
€4.50 per person
03 88 07 07 77 / The entire program

La Fabrique’s visit to Bretzels

We’ve already told you here, Fabrique à Betzels, from the famous Alsatian brand Boehli, offers guided tours that won’t leave the sweet tooth indifferent. Located in Gundrshoffen, it enters a space of more than 500 m2 entirely dedicated to this tasty specialty that we all have in a drawer. The opportunity to discover its history, its particularities, but also the secret of its different recipes. Not to mention the manufacturing steps and the hypnotic ballet of thousands of pretzels parading before our eyes, a real delight. Of course, snacks will be in order!

Visits on July 13th and August 17th at 2pm.
Meet at 14 rue des Genêts in Gundershoffen.
Upon reservation and payment at the Alsace Verte Tourist Office
€5.50 per adult and €5 per child from 6 to 13 years old
03 88 80 89 70 / The entire program

Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office
Forest and potters land

1 pl.
67500 Hagenau
The entire program of guided tours for the summer
The tourist office website

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