Thoth park animals recycle their Christmas tree

If you don’t want to leave your tree at a collection point or a recycling centre: here is an original alternative, to say the least. From the 2nd of January to the 2nd of February, the Parc du Thot offers the recovery of old fir trees. they will be fed for deer, fallow deer and aurochs from the park.

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It was the site’s director, Jeremy Eyraud, who came up with the idea to implement this new formula this year. “Above all, it’s recycling the trees instead of throwing them away, it allows us to have an additional source of food to give them, and it’s a very simple gesture, it’s cutting down the tree and recovering it, there’s nothing complicated about it. “he says.

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While keepers had no doubt that deer and fallow deer would feed on spruce with no problem, for the aurochs it was a surprise. “It is true that we are more on the basis of a farm animal, which we imagine in the meadow, so it was really a test of gluttony. The bark is what they like best, some eat the thorns and others nothing. Everyone makes their own dish.”smiles Magalie Dupont, carefully.

Thus, a dedicated space will be created opposite the entrance to the park, in the car park. All you have to do is place your tree there, the animals will take care of the rest. Be careful though, trees must be natural, without products such as snow bombs, which can be toxic to animals. If the tree was decorated only with balls or garlands, that’s good!

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