They saved the abandoned Puylaurens herd of deer

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Since Monday, the 42 deer and deer abandoned for several years on the Saint-Loup property in Puylaurens have been captured and will be placed in animal parks thanks to the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation. And the stubbornness of a couple of neighbors who have voluntarily taken care of her for almost five years.

The completely crazy story of the herd of 42 deer and deer abandoned for several years on the former breeding farm of Saint-Loup, commune of Puylaurens, today found a happy ending thanks to the stubbornness of a couple of neighbors, Annick and Nicolas Trefeil, but also the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation and State Services.

volatilized owners

Originally fifteen years ago, the De Ginestet family ran this deer farm for meat production. A misunderstanding issue during the transmission of the site’s heritage will orphan a dozen deer and deer. The park they were in now belongs to three different people, but no one owns the deer. “The old bosses left and left the deer and deer there without food”, explains Nicolas, the neighbor, a luthier by profession.

Deer farming was abandoned by its former owners a long time ago.

Deer farming was abandoned by its former owners a long time ago.
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The Bardot Foundation was looking for a welcoming park

Since Monday, the 42 deer have been captured in their park, put to sleep with hypodermic arrows and locked in boxes, except for five of them who died accidentally during the capture (see box).
For Aline Matouk, head of wildlife at the Bardot Foundation that funded the rescue operation: “We were apprehended about a year ago by the desperate neighbors who were caring for these animals when the owners disappeared. . The hunting and wildlife office also intervened. They were therefore threatened with slaughter. We took a while because we had to find suitable parks to receive these deer. This is a first for us. »
The 37 survivors will therefore continue their peaceful lives in private or public parks in Isère, Côte-d’Or and Loiret. The trucks they were loaded into will hit the road this Thursday. Until then, they are cared for and fed by members of the Foundation and by an association specialized in these interventions.

Of the 42 deer, 37 will be transferred to animal parks.

Of the 42 deer, 37 will be transferred to animal parks.
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“We didn’t want them to be killed”

But the herd owes its survival above all to the couple next door to the property, Annick and Nicolas, who love the animals and care for the herd that has grown naturally. For Nicolas: “Almost five years ago, we fed them when their owners disappeared. We buy straw, barley, etc… We may have spent €5000 in total not to see them die. We really have the hunting office and the Bardot foundation to thank, where there are great people who were patient while an alternative to slaughter was found. Almost tamed, the deer came to eat from his hands. For Annick: “It was very emotional and very painful for us to see them captured like this. We spend incredible energy trying to find solutions. »

37 salvos from 42 deer

Certainly the herd was saved and the veterinary services confirmed that they could travel well after testing negative for tuberculosis. But for Annick and Nicolas, the deer capture did not go well: “Of the 42, five died during the capture. The company responsible for this panicked before shooting them. As a result, five died of panic or injuries in the hunt. This hurt us a lot.” Aline Malouk, from the Bardot Foundation explains: “Yes, there were indeed accidents of capture. Between the stress and the nature of the injected products, the animal can suffer a shock. We use the gentlest techniques possible, but we are immune to such accidents.

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