the true kings of nature offer only happiness to those who love them!

What if we were talking about the real kings of nature, who are obviously not men, but animals. From the Refuge de l’Arche to a goat farm in the Loire-Atlantique and a stable of racehorses, let’s meet people who have decided to grow up alongside them.

What if at the time of an autumn weekend, we come into contact with the animals and those who care for them, love them, protect them and raise them. A short trip in the Pays de la Loire that can pass through a refuge in Mayenne, a goat farm in the Loire-Atlantique or even a stud farm in Château-Gontier, where future horse racing champions are born. Very different places but which have one thing in common, that of being animated and managed by beautiful people who, by choice of life, decided to live for and with their animals, to grow up alongside them.

La Fontaine used animals to instruct man. I believe, in fact, that we still have a lot to learn from them. I will continue to watch them with curiosity and, above all, get to know all those who have decided to grow up alongside their animals.

Julie Hattu presenter of the Send Dehors program dedicated to animals

The Refuge de l’Arche in Château-Gontier

If there’s one place that lives up to its name, it’s this Refuge de l’Arche in Mayenne.

Here, no animals with sad eyes, as is sometimes seen in some zoos. Injured wild animals or exotic species released from captivity are collected. Animals often purchased or imported by individuals on their way back from a trip, from zoos, laboratories or circuses, seized by the police or customs authorities. Animals that are too old, injured, sick or too bulky for their owners. The thousand residents represent a hundred different species that live peacefully in large enclosures of approximately 23 hectares.

We take care of them, we take care of them and then give them back their freedom or we offer a peaceful retirement to those who cannot find their natural habitat. It takes a lot of work, love and generosity to build a Noah’s Ark. Yann Huchedé, the director of this place that his father founded 45 years ago, has all his qualities and with Émilie Nicolau, one of the refuge’s veterinarians, the 450 marine mammals, 660 birds and 40 reptiles are very affectionate.

Changing lives for and with goats!

There are people who love animals so much that one day something clicks and they are ready to leave everything for them.

Annabelle Le Tellier was an executive at a large company. She realized that her everyday life was meaningless, so she decided to go to whoever made her completely happy: her goats. She changed her life and created an organic farm in the countryside at Le Cellier in Loire-Atlantique.

You only have one life, you have to go after your dreams, it would be a shame not to.

Annabelle goat farmer at Le Cellier in Loire-Atlantique

At Haras de la Paumardière, the profitability of horse breeding and animal welfare go hand in hand!

Another direction, another creation to continue our little bucolic walk in the land of animals, the stud farm of La Paumardière in Mayenne, land where race horses are raised. Carine Romarie and Benoît Quesne give birth to and train future track champions.

After agricultural studies and various experiments, they turned to breeding English thoroughbreds. Carine worked in France, Kentucky and then M.Connors in Ireland with Benoît. It was in 2009 that they decided to take over this creation of French trotters that Daniel Romarie, Camille’s father, had created in 1985.

When you breed 200 horses a year and work hard to turn them into athletes who then head to the biggest racetracks, you can tell yourself that there is no place for affection, you have to be profitable! It is the opposite demonstrated by Carine and her companion Benoit.

Every day, they prove the attention, attachment, care and love they have for each of their foals. They are true horse lovers!

The stud farm is the first in France in terms of the number of births and thanks to Carine, who obtained the diploma of head of breeding centre, the center welcomes breeding mares to inseminate them with frozen or refrigerated semen. Carine and Benoit’s credo and motto: the welfare of today’s animals for the success of tomorrow’s athletes.

Want Out!
Producer: Mael Mainguy
Directed by: Gildas Corgnet
Editor-in-Chief: Camille Pitron
Photos: Clemence Laroque

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The Arche Refuge: A Thousand and One Animal Stories with Happy Endings!

This 45-year-old sanctuary takes care of 1,000 animals of 120 different species. In a shaded area of ​​14 hectares, we discovered birds, raccoons, monkeys, reptiles, felines, bears, herbivores.
From different sources (individual, zoo, circus, laboratory,…) each animal has its story to tell. Thematic meeting points are offered: “the animals that surround us”, “the life of primates”, The Refuge de l’Arche is managed by the association CEPAN (Club for the Study and Protection of Animals and Nature), recognized as a public since November 2014. The refuge not only takes in furry and feathered animals, but also accompanies people on professional holidays in a reintegration camp. The refuge is open to the public during school holidays, public holidays and weekends in January, February, November and December from 10 am to 6 pm and every day from March to October, except in bad weather.

Address: 13 quater Rue Félix Marchand 53 000 Saint-Fort – Tel: 02 43 07 24 38 or 07 57 47 99 87

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