The Moulin des Moines in Krautwiller

Edouard Meckert is an organic pioneer in Alsace. In 1970, he quit his job as a winemaker to take over the family mill with his wife, which had been owned for 9 generations.

Some Mill products
Some Mill products
Monks Mill

The Monks Mill it is built on the site of a 13th century mill founded by Cistercian monks, in the heart of the Alsace countryside, on the banks of the river Zorn.

The Cistercian monks were renowned for their advanced agricultural techniques and the perfect knowledge of their cultures, teaching agriculture to spread their science, and they remained at the site of the Moulin des Moines until the French Revolution.

Meckert’s spouses let themselves be guided by their convictions, giving the factory a 100% organic orientation. Nothing was easy, nothing was difficult, but everything had to be built.

We do not hesitate to consume legumes:
We do not hesitate to consume legumes:
Monks Mill

Today, the monks mill offers more than 1500 references of organic food products (cereals, flour, cookies, chocolates, sweets, nuts, etc.) surf the new trends, offer new products, perpetuate traditions and continue to give meaning to the organic. The Moulin des Moines is one of the first to process cereals from organic farming. It is also part of a coherent approach to environmental protection: perfectly autonomous, it produces its own energy thanks to the turbine powered by the river Zorn and its photovoltaic installations.

A craving for chocolates for Easter?  🐰🐣
A craving for chocolates for Easter? 🐰🐣
Monks Mill

In addition, selective waste sorting, composting and feeding of many animal species, including a deer farm, contribute to the recycling and recovery of cereal waste from the factory.

A pioneer in organic food for over 30 years, the Moulin des Moines perpetuates the tradition of artisanal know-how through its local specialties made from spelt and spelt.

We listened to Edouard MECKERT, founder of the Moulin des Moines

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Moulin des Moines supports production chains, prioritizing direct supply from organic producers. The productions promote local and regional employment accessible to all: it is a civic commitment to the sustainability of human-scale business in the countryside. The development of each product is accompanied by a reflection on its mode of consumption, aiming to avoid unnecessary packaging and not using tricks to create novelty for free.

Monks Mill 101 route from Wingersheim – 67170 Krautwiller

Tel. 03 90 29 11 80

Edouard Meckert is a Bio-Pioneer on Elsass. Er ist seit über 30 Jahren Vorreiter in Sachen Bio-Lebensmittel und hat das Unternehmen “the monks mill“gegründet, mit seinen regionalen Spezialitäten aus Dinkel und Einkorn führt er die Tradition des handwerklichen Könnens fort.

Moulin des Moines products
Moulin des Moines products

Die Moulin des Moines unterstützt Produktionsketten, indem sie vorrangig direkt bei biologischen Erzeugern einkauft. Die Produktionen for lokale und regionale Arbeitsplätze, die für alle zugänglich sind: Es handelt sich um ein bürgerschaftliches Engagement für den Fortbestand von Unternehmen mit menschlicher Größe auf dem Land. Bei der Entwicklung jedes Produkts wird über die Art und Weise des Konsums nachgedacht, um unnötige Verpackungen zu vermeiden und keine Tricks anzuwenden, um kostenlos etwas Neues zu schaffen.

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