The law against animal abuse will finally see the light of day

New twist in the saga of the bill “Fight against the mistreatment of animals”! One month after the Senate’s denial, which stripped the bill already approved by the National Assembly of its main measures, deputies and senators reached an agreement during the mixed commission (CMP). And the news is very good!

Comprised of seven deputies and seven senators, the CMP must act as an arbitrator in the event of disagreement between the two assemblies, as was the case here. But as of this Thursday, October 21, 2021, consensus appears to have been fairly easy to find. At the end of the morning, the spokespersons of the associations and politicians concerned were congratulated on having found ” an unexpected agreement on a historic text in favor of the animal condition in France “, as explained by Loïc Dombreval, deputy and chairman of the parliamentary group “animal condition”.

What measures are present in this consensus?

The conclusions of the mixed commission should be presented to the Assembly and the Senate during the month of November. The viewed, revised and corrected bill will soon be available online on the Senate website, but information has already been leaked quite a bit.


In a press release from the En Marche deputies, the majority group welcomes the concrete measures that will see the light of day. Among them, some for pets:

  • I’ban on selling dogs and cats from 2024 in pet shops physical and, from now on, stores will no longer be able to display animals in their windows,
  • enhanced supervision of online sales,
  • increased penalties for acts of cruelty proven: 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000 (against 2 years and €30,000 currently),
  • if the act of cruelty results in the death of the animal, the penalty increases to 5 years in prison and a fine of €75,000.00,
  • creating a certificate of knowledge before purchasing an animall of companionship containing all your needs and the environment necessary for your well-being.

the wild animals

For wild animals, while the Senate returned to the end of dolphins and wild animals in traveling circuses, the CMP seems to have leaned in favor of maintaining these emblematic measures by Barbara Pompili.

So in two years, traveling circuses will no longer be able to buy and breed their wild animals. And its presence will be banned entirely by 2028.

Cetaceans will be banned within five years in dolphinariums. The two French establishments in question, Planète Sauvage and Marineland, must therefore find refuge for their dolphins and orcas or transfer them abroad. Pinnipeds – that is, seals and sea calves – remain authorized for detention.

sea ​​orca

Killer whales performing in Marineland. © Guillaume Gigaret

Breeding exclusively for fur production is prohibited

Finally, and this is one of the only immediate measures of this agreement, American mink farms and other species bred exclusively for fur production are now banned. The bad living conditions, the general disapproval of the fur business but also the sensitivity of the minks to Covid 19, with the risks this entails for the employees, were enough to make the measure immediate.

As the Brigitte Bardot Foundation highlights, “ the Minister of Ecology announced a ban within five years, the National Assembly within two years and the Senate an immediate ban, is therefore the strongest position that has been adopted “.

The issue of private breeding of exotic animals

But there remains a question for which we have not yet found an answer…What about detention permits for private farms? ? The bill was for some the announced death of French private breeding in terms of exotic animals, as it was to establish a list of animals authorized for detention.

While we cannot say at the moment whether this list is still being considered or not, we know from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation press release that deputies and senators agreed to ban the online sale of animals by individuals. Thus allowing only professional and non-amateur creators to continue their activity, at least online.

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