“The French can leave confident” on vacation, guarantees Elisabeth Borne

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07:23 : “The True Face of the Far Right”, estimates L’Humanité about Giorgia Meloni, who should form a government in the coming days in Italy. The future president of the Council “adjusts its anti-social programbelieves the left diary.

07:17 : “Pap Ndiaye: After the Surprise, the Disappointment?”wonders Opinion. “Five months after entering the government, the Minister of National Education avoided more obstacles than he actedesteem the daily.

07:13 : “Return to Grace” taxis title Le Parisien / Today in France. “Given the deteriorating image of VTCs, more and more users and booking platforms are turning to Parisian taxis”details the diary.

07:10 : “Live better tomorrow.” It’s Elisabeth Borne’s bet that gives an interview to Release to detail the “22 construction sites” of “ecological planning” promised by Emmanuel Macron.

07:04 : Eighteen people, including two police officers, were killed in inter-community violence between nomadic herders and farmers in central Nigeria’s Benue state, officials say. Conflicts over land, grazing and water rights are common in central and northwestern Nigeria.

07:00 : The smallpox epidemic is in full decline, but be careful not to declare victory too soon, warn experts and health officials. We must not forget the many African countries where the disease was already circulating well before this year. “We’re nearing the end, but we’re not there yet”says virologist Jean-Claude Manguara.

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06:56 : #METEO After the Ardèche, theDrôme, meanwhile, is on orange watch for floods this morning from 8 am, announces Météo France.

06:53 : Pressing the mushroom to push the electric car must be accompanied by an ambitious plan for all transport, according to several experts contacted by franceinfo. According to Pierre Leflaive, Transport Manager at the Climate Action Network, the objective is to revitalize the train, over long and short distances, public transport, encourage the use of bicycles (electric or not) by investing in infrastructure, or encouraging ride-sharing and cars. “The challenge is not to move less well. On the contrary, it is to adapt better to our needs and, in the end, have better mobility for everyone”he judges.

06:51 : “The simple replacement of thermal by electric is not satisfactory.”

Ademe insists the car is “an effective and relevant tool”, for daily trips within a radius of a few tens of kilometers around your starting point. She must be just one “brick among a wider and more diverse range of mobility services”. Clearly, it’s not enough to just replace your thermal car with an electric car to say you’re doing something for the environment.

06:49 : This one “delay” of the electric car is filled after 40,000 to 50,000 km of driving. In short, your review is positive. Over its entire lifespan, an electric car driving in France has a carbon footprint that is two to three times lower than a thermal model of the same size. But beware: the ecological interest of electric cars only applies to light cars. According to Ademe, the battery must have less than 60 kWh, the equivalent of a Peugeot e208 or a Renault Mégane at most, with a range of around 400 km.

07:01 : Contrary to what one might think, the electric car is far from being completely clean. When it leaves the factory, even before being driven, it has a larger environmental footprint than an equivalent-sized thermal vehicle. At issue: the battery, which requires rare minerals (such as cobalt, nickel, graphite, manganese or lithium) whose extraction is particularly polluting. “Further investigation”, in France 2, had detailed in 2020.

06:45 : On the occasion of the Paris Motor Show, Emmanuel Macron announced measures to support the electric car. Goal: Two million electric vehicles produced in France by 2030. In this article, I explain why the electric car is not the miracle solution for green transport.


06:48 : Hello @Maquis. In these difficult times, I have found good news and it comes from the United States, where new forms of solidarity are developing. In Atlanta, an alternative supermarket made it a mission to help the “new population of poor” in the face of record inflation. The Grocery Spot association crosses Georgia in search of unsold merchandise, which it redistributes in its store. Every day, around 500 people walk through the supermarket doors, out of stock every day. Here you can add pumpkin, plantain and frozen meat to your cart without paying a penny, or for a nominal fee.


06:43 : Hello to you. We’d like to start in a good mood, but the news is pretty bad! Something positive or joyful to tell us, perhaps? Thank you in advance and good morning to all the FI team

07:23 : Exit covered. From Languedoc to the Northern Alps and the Jura, the weather will be very rainy today. The Ardèche is also placed on orange watch for rain floods. All predictions on our dedicated page.

This morning :

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07:22 : The day after the Prime Minister’s resignation is announced, the campaign to succeed Liz Truss begins. Objective ? A new head of government within a week at the latest. No candidate has been officially launched yet, but among the candidates: former finance minister Rishi Sunak, current minister in charge of relations with parliament, Penny Mordaunt, or former prime minister Boris Johnson.


07:21 : Campaigning for the midterm elections, Joe Biden criticized the Republican Party, accusing it of wanting, in the event of a victory in the legislative elections, to potentially reduce American financial support to Ukraine. “These people don’t understand. It goes beyond Ukraine. It’s Eastern Europe. It’s NATO.”launched the Democratic leader.


07:21 : A purge. Elon Musk plans to lay off nearly 75% of Twitter’s 7,500 employees if he succeeds in buying the social network, according to Twitter. Washington Post. Tesla’s boss told investors he intends to reduce the company to about 2,000 employees, according to the American daily. The multibillionaire is a priori about to buy the social network for 44 billion dollars.

07:20 : German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron have therefore shown a certain desire for appeasement tonight in Brussels after tensions that erupted in broad daylight between Paris and Berlin. “Cooperation between Germany and France (…) is intense and fruitful”assured the German leader.


07:19 : The Twenty-Seven agreed to promote joint purchases of gas at EU level, with the idea that they remain “volunteers” but cover at least one target level “mandatory” 15% of the EU’s winter 2023 stockpiling targets. “speed up your negotiations” with producing countries “reliable” such as Norway and the United States. Leaders are also calling for a specific plan for a mechanism “temporary” to limit the price of gas used to generate electricity.

06:14 : “Unity and solidarity prevail. Agreement to work on measures to contain energy prices for homes and businesses.”

the President of the European Council welcomed on twitter of this agreement. In accordance with the conclusions released shortly afterwards, the Heads of State and Government asked the Commission to present to them “urgently” of “concrete decisions” on a range of measures, including interventions to tame gas price volatility.

06:08 : A productive night. The leaders of the 27 EU member countries agreed to “work on measurements” destined to contain rising energy pricesannounced shortly after 2 am the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

07:18 : And we’re still in good spirits with an update on what’s new:

The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, yesterday handed over to the National Assembly the responsibility of the government for the part of the revenue from the Social Security financing law, through article 49.3 of the Constitution.

#ENERGY The leaders of the 27 EU member countries agreed last night to “work on measurements” aimed at halting the rise in energy prices, announced the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

• The British Prime Minister knocks on the door. Contested for several weeks, including within its majority, Liz Truss announced her resignation. We summarize the 45 tumultuous days she spent in power.

The Ardèche is on orange alert for the risk of rain and flooding. The alert goes until 1 pm.

07:09 : Hello guys ! Today is Friday, which is good news for most of us. To celebrate, I share with you the song that was on our mind this morning with my colleague Marie-Adélaïde Scigacz (Germans talk about“ohrwurm”, earthworm). this is the song I want so by the Backstreet Boys. Like a perfume from the 90s…

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