the death of a dog reignites tensions around an old farm in Manteyer

A ten-year-old beagle was devoured by two wandering “wolfdogs” in a place called Les Allemands. The two dogs fled from a house occupied by a family already heavily condemned for animal abuse.

It could be the last straw. A ten-year-old beagle dog was eaten by two other strays on private property, BFM DICI learned on Thursday. The events took place on Wednesday at a place called Les Allemands, in the town of Manteyer.

“Nobody could do anything. The two dogs came out of the house next door and ran at my dog ​​who didn’t have a chance,” says Lionel, the beagle’s owner, who had left his pet at home.

“My eldest five-year-old daughter is traumatized. So are my parents. We won’t stop there”, promises the victim who filed a complaint with the Veynes gendarmerie. The two “wolf dogs” took advantage of an open gate to escape from the neighboring house, occupied by a family recently convicted of animal abuse.

34 dogs seized

Last October, Jean-Pierre, Lara and Théo A. received suspended prison sentences and heavy fines for a series of crimes in the context of a farm in Manteyer. They were prosecuted for 24 crimes ranging from animal abuse to illegal dog sales.

In August 2020, 34 dogs were seized from their shelter. In addition to suspended prison sentences and fines, the father and two sons were also sentenced to a permanent ban on keeping pets. But the reality looks quite different.

“There are at least seven dogs fighting and barking night and day in fifty square meters. Nobody takes care of them. The puppies also just arrived. We are facing convicts who continue with their laughter”, indicates a neighbor who wants to remain anonymous, so the situation is tense on the spot.

Petitions, complaints, complaints to the authorities, many inhabitants of Manteyer have been mobilizing for many months without the situation moving fast enough, according to them.

the family regrets

“Let’s imagine that they are my daughters in the garden. Let’s imagine that these unattended dogs throw themselves at someone in the village. What will happen? I think it will end badly”, regrets Lionel, who decided to write to the prosecutor and also to the Hautes-Alpes prefecture. “Nothing has changed. It makes you wonder what the authorities are waiting for,” laments Guy Jullien, the former mayor of Manteyer who initiated all the proceedings.

Contacted by the editorial staff of BFM DICI, Lara A. regrets this unfortunate event, as well as the tension that reigns in the city. “I’m not the dog’s owner, not even the tenant. I was just attacked by one of the neighbors when the weather was the initial cause of this sad event,” she says.

“We are worried and sorry”, adds his father, Jean-Pierre A. The strong wind would in fact be the cause of the opening of the gate, which led to the escape of the two “wolf dogs”.

“The dogs are mine and I have the right to have them because I appealed the convictions in the first instance. However, I find it strange that my daughter left with the gate closed and that when she returned, the gate was stoned”, doubts The concerned person .

Please note that according to the Dauphiné Libéré, Lara and Jean-Pierre A. will appear on February 24 for fraud in the context of a dog sale. Several family members are also summoned to court on February 21, 2022 to answer for mistreatment of the horses seized in October 2020.

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