the appeal of 34 NGOs to prevent pandemics

As states meet to decide on the development of a treaty to deal with pandemics under the aegis of the World Health Organization (WHO), we urge the French government to ensure that pandemic prevention is on the agenda at the World Health Organization meeting. Assembly starting this Monday, November 29.

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated unprecedented human, economic and social costs. This has weakened healthcare systems around the world. This could have been avoided. The SARS-CoV-2 virus originated in animals and its spread may have been aided by wild animal markets where unsanitary and cruel conditions prevail. If humans hadn’t had such close contact with these and other animals, we would have avoided many of the diseases we suffer today. 60% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic in origin and 70% of these come from wild animals.

The sequel after the announcement

That’s why we must radically change the way we interact with animals to prevent new pandemics. The recent bill against animal abuse [définitivement adoptée par le Parlement le 18 novembre à l’issue d’un ultime vote du Sénat, NDLR] is a good start, as it prohibits the use of wild animals in fur production and in various types of shows. However, we must go further and also ban the international trade in wild animals and wild animal products in France and around the world.

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Likewise, it is convenient to demand an immediate moratorium that prohibits any installation or extension of intensive agriculture. These farms accumulate genetically similar animals without access to the outside, favoring the emergence of new pathogens. Finally, as livestock is the main factor in deforestation, the consumption of vegetable proteins should be favored to reduce the risk of zoonoses.

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These measures should be essential elements of the next international treaty on pandemics. Otherwise, we will face more health, economic and social disruption from future pandemics, as well as animal suffering across the world.

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The petitioners:

  • World Animal Protection,
  • Savoie Animal Justice Association,
  • anti-bullfighting alliance,
  • animal cross,
  • animal testing,
  • antidote Europe,
  • Association for the Protection of Animals by Law (Aprad),
  • Association for the Protection of Wild Animals (Aspas),
  • Stephane-Lamart Association,
  • BIRDS France,
  • French Vegetarian Association,
  • That’s enough !,
  • animal code,
  • National Confederation of Animal Defense,
  • Life and Nature Convention,
  • CrowLife,
  • David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation,
  • Belfort Animal Defense,
  • Education in Animal Ethics,
  • Federation of Struggles for the Abolition of Racing (Flac),
  • Brigitte Bardot Foundation,
  • Franz Weber Foundation,
  • Global Earth Guardian,
  • Humane Society International/Europe,
  • L214,
  • independent animal movement,
  • NovaHera,
  • One voice,
  • Paris Zoopolis Animals,
  • petaFrance,
  • Net-Cetaceans,
  • renatural,
  • vegan impact,
  • Welfare – World Farm Animal Protection.

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