Temtem: 10 tips to start your adventure on the right foot

A Temtem Tamer and His Creatures

Take the challenges and first few hours on the archipelago in the air with ease with these tips for tamers new and experienced in Temtem.

officially available in version 1.0 since September 6, 2022, Temtem offers players a colorful adventure full of creatures to capture. Running on the same system as Pokémon, the game developed by Spanish studio Crema is a direct competitor.

Furthermore, the official launch of the game attracted many new players. On October 3, 2022, Temtem even listed 1 million users on all platforms. For those who want to experience the adventure, the game is available on PC and Xbox in a dematerialized version and on Switch and PS5 in the physical version.

But with the plethora of activities, quests to complete, and Temtems to catch, the first few hours of gameplay can be tough. To facilitate your progress and quickly gain experience and effective creatures, discover the good reflexes to adopt if you are new to Temtem.

1. Choose your Starter well in Temtem

Temtem's 3 starters

As in Pokémon, you start the adventure by choosing between 3 monsters of three different types:

  • Crystal the Crystal Temtem similar to a turtle
  • Houchic the Mind Temtem humanoid appearance
  • Smazee the Pugilat Monkey Temtem (equivalent to Fighter type)

The choice of initiator depends on several criteria. Affinity with a certain type or appearance are good factors, especially for younger players. But for the most competitive, the ideal is not to take Crystle.

Monsters of these 3 types can be captured throughout the adventure. However, Crystal-type monsters are faster to find. It is possible to find and capture them on the 3rd island of the game with the Mental and Pugilat types being in the end game in the wild. Even though he’s better at stamina, avoid Crystle to have as many types on your team as possible.

Smazee is a good option to start because it is weak against two types that are not widespread, especially in the early stages: Mental and Digital.

2. Save money

It may seem obvious, but in Temtem as in any other MMO, money is precious and not easy to earn. You will earn some Pansols after each fight. However, many actions in the game require payment.

Whether it’s farming, islands or other game elements, you need to spend Pansols to use them. For lovers of competitive online games, saving money is essential to get the best Temtem team. For PvE players, investing in a few potions and boosters might be wise to avoid going back to heal your team.

Also watch out for residences and clothing, as these cosmetic items are worth A LOT of Pansols.

3. Easily gain experience by visiting Sanctuaries

A shrine in Temtem

The shrines are specific areas scattered all over the place on the islands of the Temtem world. If they are used to evolve certain creatures, they are also prime spots to level up your team.

Indeed, it is common fall into tall grass in evolved Temtem duos. If the fight can be more technical, it brings more experience, especially if you equipped your monsters with objects that allow you to share the EXP gained.

4. Items to share experience: a real asset not to be missed in Temtem

One of the items that increase experience gain in Temtem

In addition to using shrines, players can facilitate their progression through specific items. Like Pokemon’s Multi Ex, they equip the Temtems. In games, there are 3 of these items to collect:

  • the coward’s veil : This allows a Temtem to gain experience and AC without participating in combat.
  • The Coward’s Blanket : effects are identical but apply to the entire team
  • InstrucTem : This item cannot be equipped, but works as a temporary buff. Doubles the experience points gained by your creatures for 30 minutes

5. Make it easy to catch Temtems with a 4-leaf clover

Even if their health is low and a Temcard is used, some recalcitrant monsters won’t let themselves be captured. To increase the chances of capture, it is recommended to equip one of your Temtems with the 4-leaf clover.

Once equipped, Wild Temtem’s catch chance is increased by 10%. The bonus increases to 21% if you play in co-op and your companion also has the 4-leaf clover in it.

6. Use island types to your advantage

The second island of Temtem

In Temtem, each island is associated with one or more dominant types. For example, the first island you move to includes a lot of Water and Wind Temtems. Both types have a weakness to electricity.

Therefore, it is recommended to learn about the types of each island and the Temtems to use for facilitate your progress, but also the fights against the trainers and other Dojo Champions.

7. Increase your Temtems’ storage capacity

TemDeck Management

Unlike other games, Temtems’ storage capacity is not unlimited. It is necessary to increase it. For this, it will be necessary talk to the Temdeck manager present in each major city in the game.

Talking to him will complete a side quest that will unlock TemDeck slots. These will be particularly useful for Lumas lovers (the game’s Shinys) or crafting enthusiasts.

8. Be patient with Lumas

Two Lumas (bright variants) of Temtem

Collectors will want to complete the Tempedia, but also find the Lumas, the chromatic variants of each Temtem. Nonetheless, the chances of finding them in the wild or through breeding remain low. Be patient with this: it is often at an unexpected moment that you will meet your first Luma!

9. Pay attention to the speed of attacks and their energy cost

Temtem attack speed and mana bar

During fights, each Temtem can use 4 different skills. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to manage your energy cost well. If the blue bar drops to 0, the Temtem will use its health points to launch the attack.

Each attack is also easier/faster to cast. To do this, take a good look at the colored area located in the upper-upper corner of each attack. He can contain 1, 2 or 3 lines. The number of hits designates the number of turns required before being able to use the attack in question

10. Discover the world of multiplayer games

With its MMO dimension, Temtem is a game that defends competitive or cooperative multiplayer. If you play with a friend, you will have more fun browsing the game and you will have support in the tests the hardest.

Be careful, because in Co-op mode, the combat mode changes. Each player only has access to the first 3 Temtems on their team and controls only 1 instead of 2. If you want to change the Temtems you use, do so before moving forward or starting a fight.

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