start of trial of vaccination in pharmacies

Can the cold chain be respected in pharmacies? After the announcement, made Monday by the Ministry of Health, of the launch of a vaccination experience against chickenpox in five pharmacies in the territory, the decree was enacted in official journalTuesday, August 9th.

These five pharmacies, located in Ile-de-France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Hauts-de-France, were selected by the regional health authorities. Vaccination will start there on Wednesday for an experiment that will last two weeks.

The ministry estimates that this experience will allow testing the “organizational models between pharmacies and hospitals that receive doses”in order to decide whether or not to extend the vaccination campaign to other pharmacies.

As of August 4, 153 vaccination centers have opened across France and 20,322 people have been vaccinated.

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Evaluate that there is no “missed dose”

The vaccine used for vaccination against monkeypox must absolutely be kept at a very low temperature (-80 degrees) and “can only be kept for fifteen days” after thawed, explains the ministry.

The vaccines, although in single doses, are packaged in boxes of twenty doses. “It will therefore be a matter of assessing whether there is no loss of doses”, says the ministry. He recalls that, unlike the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, pharmacies will only be able to reach a limited audience.

The target audience includes men who have sex with people of the same sex who report having multiple sexual partners, transgender people who also report having multiple sexual partners, as well as sex workers and professionals working in places of consumption.

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In response to criticism from LGBT associations and left-wing elected officials about the slowness of the vaccination campaign, Health Minister François Braun said last week that he was working on launching such an experiment.

The great vaccination center in Paris collected the vaccinated people

On Monday, the largest monkeypox vaccination center in Paris called about 500 people vaccinated inside it between August 2 and 4 to vaccinate them again, “due to a break in the cold chain”.

“This does not pose any health risk to the people involved, but a new first injection is necessary to effectively protect against the virus. [monkeypox] »writes the city of Paris in a message published on its website.

“There was a faulty refrigerator” and the optimal storage temperature for vaccines was not respected, he explains. The fault was discovered Thursday morning and led to the center’s immediate closure.

“We verified that there was no toxicity. ANSM [Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé] came and assured us that there was no risk”said Anne Souyris, deputy mayor of Paris responsible for public health.

Those called back are offered a new commitment and “have priority over all open slots”at the Edison center or at the free information, screening and diagnosis centres, he stressed.

After its temporary closure, the centre, located at 13and district of the capital and opened since July 26, reopens its doors on Tuesday.

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