SINGAPORE Nancy Pelosi embarks on high-risk voyage

The world is holding its breath as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi embarked on a trip to Asia on Monday with a possible stopover in Taiwan. One hypothesis, confirmed by the Financial Times, which could set fire to gunpowder with China, which multiplies the threats against the United States. Tensions between the two countries have been at a peak for several weeks now over the possible visit of Nancy Pelosi Tawan, which Beijing claims as part of its territory. We are at warsays a text in a video released on Monday night by the Chinese army, while at the same time the Democrat was making the first leg of his trip to Singapore.

new dcs
of an infected man
by monkey pox

A 22-year-old man infected with monkeypox died on Saturday in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Indian health officials said on Monday. Although the cause of death has not been clearly established, it may be the first death in Asia linked to this disease and the fourth outside Africa. The victim died a week after being hospitalized upon returning from the UAE. According to the WHO, which raised the highest alert level on July 24 to strengthen the fight against smallpox, around 18,000 cases have been detected worldwide outside Africa since early May, most located in Europe.

The political crisis
ignite the crowds

Thousands of people demonstrated in the streets of the Iraqi capital on Monday against a protest organized in parliament by supporters of powerful Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr, the main supporter of Iraqi nationalism, whose party won legislative elections in October. 2021. The people will not allow a coup, was written on the placards of the protesters who were opposed to the occupation of the Parliament, where a camp has been installed since Saturday. Since the last legislative elections, Iraq has been experiencing an unprecedented political crisis. No major party has been able to agree to elect a new President of the Republic or a new head of government.

A case of bird flu
detected on the Somme

A turkey farm has been slaughtered after the discovery of a case of bird flu Feuillres (Sommes), the Somme prefecture announced Monday. Regulated protection and surveillance zones have been created within a radius of 3 to 10 kmsaid a press release from the authorities, adding that state services are mobiliss next to the creator who will be compensation for the damage suffered. Since last November, more than 1,300 outbreaks of bird flu have been recorded in France, resulting in the slaughter of nearly 20 million birds in the territory.

gasoline prices
continue to decline

The millions of drivers who use their vehicles daily will be able to breathe a little. Fuel prices continue to fall after having exceeded two euros per liter on average in early July. Diesel fell to 1.87 euros per liter on average, down 5.61 cents from last week. Prices currently take into account a discount of 18 cents per liter of fuel decided by the government. A figure that is expected to reach 30 cents in September, before falling to 10 cents this winter.

claim victory
for the legislature

Will Senegalese President Macky Sall be forced to cohabit? This is the scenario that is taking shape as each party claims victory after Sunday’s legislative elections, without any numbers being confirmed for the moment. Ahead of the presidential coalition list, human rights activist Aminata Tour claimed to have won 30 departments out of 46 in Senegal, while admitting defeat in the capital, Dakar. For its part, the opposition, which won several important cities in local elections in January, claims to have won a comfortable majority, without however specifying the number of Members obtained. This election is the last electoral battle before the 2024 presidential election and aims to renew the country’s 165-seat unicameral Parliament.

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