Salmon Farms Are Decimating Seals So Their Industry Can Thrive

Salmon, a gourmet food that has been gaining popularity in recent years. However, behind the productions of this fish, even those considered “fair”, hide terrible practices. In fact, aquaculture farms kill hundreds of seals, some of which even belong to endangered species.

Kill seals to better eat salmon

In sushi or maki, in toast in blinis, in well-cooked steaks served in a restaurant… Salmon is a food that we find more and more in our consumption and is considered one of the most exquisite foods in the world. . Its production growth, therefore, continues apace, and the industry has never been in better shape. However, behind this effervescence lurks a scandalous and cruel hunt unknown to the public. Scottish salmon farms kill seals on the pretext that they are invading open-air breeding ponds to feed on the salmon.

Like farmers who kill foxes that attack their livestock, the Time reveals that a large number of independent farms hire professional snipers to shoot dozens of seals and gray seals. The latter is also considered a protected species. Dozens of these marine mammals are killed every year. animal welfare association Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) indicates that between 2011 and 2015, 1,500 seals of all species were killed by the farmed salmon industry in Scotland only.

Considered predatory, salmon farms in Scotland are killing seals

The so-called “fair trade” productions

Marine Harvest Scotlandone of the biggest salmon producers in the Scotlandsupplies the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom : rose bush and Sainsbury’s. The plaque admits to having shot down 21 copies in 2016 and 100 in previous years. But this supplier is not the only one to practice this intolerable hunting. The SPACE also cited the Scottish marine farmsone of the suppliers of the famous brand Marks & Spencer. the british newspaper The Independent tried to contact Scottish marine farms and Sainsbury’s for them to give their opinion on this cruel practice, but there is no response from them.

Another scandalous element in this case, these signs and these farms claim so-called “fair” fishing techniques. the spokesperson for rose bush insists to the British daily The Independent, as the supermarket chain carries out strict controls on the origin of farmed salmon sold. Another spokesperson, this time for the brand Mark & ​​Spencer, assures that they do not wish to “see the seals or other marine animals injured”. “We are guiding the industry on this matter and investing time and money to prevent this from happening,” she adds. But for now, words are still very much at odds with actions.

Many farms that practice this seal hunt call themselves “fair trade”

An endangered seal population

A still little known fact, seals in Great Britain are highly threatened. Currently estimated at 37,000, the seal population suffers from a fatal disease called “is seals”. Aquaculture farms contribute to this decline according to the SPACE. “Predators sometimes bypass all the non-lethal barriers our suppliers put in place. This can result in violent attacks on the fish, causing serious economic welfare problems,” she argues. rose bush. Protection of production that therefore benefits supermarket chains, but at what cost?

To SPACE, new stronger actions must be taken. “There are fewer gray seals than elephantsAfrica in the world, but because they are mainly concentrated in the waters of the United Kingdom, people think they are thriving. I think the public doesn’t know that seals are shot just to eat salmon,” he says. Andy Ottaway activist in the animal protection association. By raising awareness, he hopes that more efforts will be implemented.

Britain’s seal population is seriously threatened by a deadly epidemic, in addition to this killing spree.

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