Sabrina Krief


She is a veterinarian and professor at the National Museum of Natural History. She is particularly expert in the self-medication of great apes.

She trained at the Maisons-Alfort veterinary school and completed her veterinary thesis in Congo, where she observed the physical and eating behavior of chimpanzees. She reoriented her thesis towards the study of wild chimpanzees. She continues her research on primates in Uganda and remains very active in advocating great apes to the population and governments with her husband Jean-Michel Krief, a photographer.

In 2006, he founded the association “Project for the conservation of great apes” and is involved in environmental education activities in France and Africa. Since 2008, her work has also focused on the relationships between humans and great apes and the effect of human activities on the behavior, health and survival of great apes.

In October 2014, the couple published The chimpanzees of Montes da Lua (Belim). The authors report on the lives of chimpanzees, who shared with them for more than fifteen years in the forests of Congo and Uganda.

In October 2019, Sabrina Krief publishes the testimony Chimpanzees, my brothers in the forest where he tells how he managed to win the trust of one of the densest chimpanzee communities in the world, in Sebitoli, in Kibale National Park, Uganda. She also wants to raise public awareness of the social and environmental injustice that affects great apes like the inhabitants of these regions.

She is the godmother of the festival atmospheresdedicated to ecology, science and cinema, whose 12th edition takes place in Courbevoie from 5 to 9 October 2022.


Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to accelerate pension reform. He wants it to come into effect in the summer of 2023.

Filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard has died at the age of 91.

According to Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian army took almost 6,000 km2 from the Russians.

The Ethics Committee has given its opinion on euthanasia and considers strictly supervised “active assistance in death” possible.

Suspected of fictitious employment, Fabien Roussel was given a free hearing by the investigators.

The LR Mayor of Saint-Etienne, Gaël Perdriau, was placed until this morning in police custody, alongside 4 other people, in a sextape blackmail case against his former first deputy…

In Paris, Anne Hidalgo announces that she wants to reduce the capital’s electricity and gas consumption by 10%.

A big fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the Gironde: 1,300 hectares have already burned in the Médoc.

A study reveals that kissing at work disappears to make way for handshakes.

Juliet’s hot topic

The main primate species used for research is in danger of extinction. Long-tailed monkeys have become, since the Covid-19 epidemic, the object of all desires. Farms are no longer able to meet the demand of laboratories, which are engaged in an ever-increasing competition to find animals. Applying the glass-half-full policy, we could say that it is time to move towards more ethical science.

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  • Charlie’s post: In Mexico, autonomous migrants.
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  • the Meurice moment : Homage to Babeth!
  • Chronicle of Clara Dupont-Monod: The high island of Valentine Goby.

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  • LOMEPALT (2022)
  • GOSSIPGetting in the way of control (2007)

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