Remarkable wetland in Sologne, the coordinator of Mayor Pesneau

Very consistent in its subjects, the Mayor of Loir-et-Cher François Pesneau’s back-to-school press breakfast on 7 September 2022 provided an accurate overview. Drought, mountain reservoirs, energy crisis, urban detour, Covid-19, fences, natural park… tells you all about this meeting.

By Jean-Luc Vezon

François Pesneau, mayor of Loir-et-Cher, is in charge of welcoming the commission that studies the location of the future national park. Photo credit Jean-Luc Vezon.

Drought and forest fires

I plan to lift some restrictions next week, but the situation remains tense; I want to avoid the yoyo effect » declared the mayor of Loir-et-Cher who issued a framework decree last May and was widely consulted on the matter. Regarding forest fires, the Loir-et-Cher was spared ” plus a few games quickly circumscribed. To anticipate, a unit is summoned every Thursday morning by the chief of staff in the presence of all players (SDIS 41, DDT, ONF, etc.). While some state forests were banned during the heat peak, the mayor remains hostile to restrictions affecting the private domain.


“Free access to nature and ecological continuity collide with private property, a constitutional principle. There are no major complications related to enrichment, technical interventions are carried out quickly » specified François Penseau for whom indoor hunting is another subject for which one can question the need for an evolution of the regulation.

Natural park in Sologne

Barbara Pompili, former Minister of Ecological Transition, created a study mission for the creation of a twelfth national park in France to protect wetlands. Sologne is one of 18 pre-selected locations alongside the Brenne, the Camargue, the Bay of Somme and even the Brière.
So that the mission could deliver its work, François Pesneau was appointed coordinating prefect. “Many local actors will be consulted: State services and operators (city halls, Dreal, water agency delegations, French Office for Biodiversity), farmers, hunters, representatives of user or environmental associations…” informed the mayor that he will receive the delegation at the end of September.
“It is not just a matter of ecologists, Sologne, which includes 127 municipalities (including 50% in Loir-et-Cher), according to the 1941 decree, is not just a national forest” said the mayor. Remember that Sologne, an important biodiversity hotspot, has 3,000 lagoons.

hill reservoirs

In this dossier, which the State only monitors, the mayor wants everyone to remain measured: “a reservoir to guarantee fodder for a mixed crop-livestock farm, I am in favor of it. On the other hand, an overproduction project that would distort the natural environment, I say no.” Since his arrival 19 months ago, the mayor has only validated one dossier. Located to the north of the department, it provides a reservoir of 54,000 m3 of drainage and drainage water. Without resorting to the resource.

energy crisis

There are no Vert Marine pools in Loir-et-Cher. For the mayor, the decision of the group of delegates of the public service to close thirty aquatic centers remains illegal because it does not respect the obligation of continuity of the public service.
Several companies are impacted by the increase in energy. These complicated situations and their difficulties are taken into account. The mayor won’t say anything else. There are also no significant increases in delinquency to date. “There will undoubtedly be a delay effect in the first half of 2023” but for now, the mayor prefers to emphasize “the beautiful dynamics of many companies”.

Covid-19 and smallpox

Loir-et-Cher is the best student in the region for vaccination. As a result, there is no one left in intensive care and only 26 admissions. For smallpox, the department has only one case in 4,000 registered in France (36 cases in CVL). A number is available (0801 908 69) for people at risk who wish to be vaccinated in Blois or Vendôme.

urban rodeos

Since mid-July, 166 operations have been carried out by the Police and Gendarmerie. 1,243 checks were carried out, resulting in six arrests and one police custody. Only three two-wheelers were seized. “This is an opportunity to carry out road safety operations and inspect cellars” also stressed the mayor.


The State granted 350 temporary residence permits (APS); concern 150 minors, 72 of whom are in school. Several people are accommodated at the Mosnier house in Blois. Others in individuals. Many of them found jobs. “ The exact number of refugees remains difficult to measure, but I would like to salute the great mobilization of all, it is a great human adventure” concluded the mayor.

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