Rabbits in agony at a great French creation

The association L214 reveals shocking new footage filmed in May 2022 on a rabbit farm in Ile-et-Vilaine: rabbits, injured or dying, kept in cages next to the corpses of their congeners. The 30 Million Friends Foundation reiterates its call to abolish intensive agriculture, a model against which 85% of French people (Barometer Foundation 30 Million Friends / Ifop, 2022).

Badly injured rabbits, dying rabbits, decaying corpses… A new investigation by the association L214 reveals the horror of a rabbit farm, part of which is marketed under the Le Gaulois brand. The creation questioned by the complainants is symbolic: it is directed by Frédéric Blot, president of the National Federation of Rabbit Producers Groups and of the Elvilap group, which sells 10% of French production.

“Everything is horrible”

At this establishment in Ille-et-Vilaine, animals raised in closed buildings without windows have no access to the outside. Isolated in cages, 1,500 breeders give birth each year to more than 130,000 young rabbits that will be fattened and kept in tiny spaces, the equivalent of an A4 sheet per animal!

On this farm, the rabbits are crammed into wire cages, with no possibility of moving around. ©L214

To these terrible living conditions, L214 points out flagrant abuses. Newborn rabbits would die on the wire mesh floor of the cages, while severely injured rabbits would go untreated and suffer alongside their dead counterparts. At the time of transport to the slaughterhouse, the poor animals are unceremoniously picked up, thrown and piled on carts. ” As a veterinarian, it revolts me to see this: it’s animal abuse “, reacted Sophie Dol, a veterinarian, requested by L214. ” everything is horrible adds Gilles Pernoud, also a practitioner.

Animal protection NGOs call for an end to intensive agriculture

The association L214, which filed a complaint for the crimes of mistreatment and abandonment, asks for the urgent closure of the breeding site and instructs the mayor of the department to oppose the project to expand the aforementioned breeding site. More generally, the NGO launched a petition demanding a moratorium on new intensive breeding facilities and a 10-year ban on farms that deprive animals of access to the great outdoors, accompanied by a conversion plan for breeders. ” We are often criticized – wrongly – for showing unique farms that would be the “black sheep” of an industry. These new images were shot on the farm of the French rabbit industry’s number one manager.says Sébastien Arsac, co-founder of L214. If we are serious about animal sensitivity, it is imperative to get out of intensive farming as soon as possible. »

It is imperative to get out of intensive farming as soon as possible.

S.Arsac – L214

For its part, the 30 Million Friends Foundation once again asks the Ministry of Agriculture to adopt strong measures to get out of the intensive agriculture model, to which more than 8 out of 10 French people are opposed (Barometer Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis /Ifop, 2022) and which affects 80% of farm animals in France.

In total, more than 35 million rabbits are born each year on French farms where they are kept in conditions incompatible with their natural needs. Of these, 27.5 million are killed for consumption. The others die on the farms before they even reach the slaughterhouse…


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