Prix ​​Rush (Hedges): Les Cerfs Volants, it was written

races / 03.20.2022

Rush Award (Hedges)

kites, it was written

When we went to François Nicolle’s house in February, he didn’t hide from us that he had some nice 3-year-olds in his boxes. kites (Cokoriko) was among its precocious and talented elements. The least we can write is that the coach of St. Augustine was not wrong!

The representative of Laurent Dassault, Daniel-Yves Trèves, François Nicolle and Bernard Weill won the first event for 3-year-old foals in Auteuil, the Prix Rush. With a good start, the future winner quickly galloped along the front row until he passed in front of the stands, following the animators. Throughout the event, he followed with great resources. His jockey, Gwen Richard, has distilled him a course where he excels, that of waiting racing. At the beginning of the final corner, Les Cerfs Volants closed in second position, freely. followed the acceleration of Blue Diamond (Martaline), at the entrance of the final straight, reached the last one, without the pilot moving. Despite an error in the final difficulty, Les Cerfs Volants started well 150m from the goal to win, supported only by the arms, by six distances to spare. Beautiful foal, well born and balanced, relaxed on a course, Les Cerfs Volants wins a JDG jumping star. Losange Bleu also took some interesting first steps, offering a good answer to the winner. He preceded his colored companion, the great first blue (Kapgarde) which ended up moving forward and will be analyzed with interest. Philosopher (Doctor Dino) pleasantly finished fourth ahead of another great foal, Nertheuil (Balko), a little caught up in the speed, but who behaved well in the last kilometer.

A former foal. Les Cerfs Volants, Premier Bleu and Nertheuil coach François Nicolle told us: “I have a good generation of 3-year-old foals. I really like this promotion! Premier Bleu is a very good horse. Also Nertheuil. These two will be more second-half horses than early-season horses. But they don’t have the same model as Les Cerfs Volants. The latter is earlier. He’s a small horse that’s very fluid, while my other boarders will need a run or two to get up the steps well. Today, there is no doubt that Les Cerfs Volants is the best. He does it very well. Deeper ground wouldn’t bother him. It’s very fluid, practical in a course. Gwen [Richard, son jockey, ndlr] had a nice run. I told him on Saturday that he was going to win! My three protégés have a lot of margin, the winner may be less. » Bernard Weill is one of the co-owners of Les Cerfs Volants. The man had reason to be emotional after this success: the Rush Award honors an outstanding jumper who belonged to his grandfather, Robert Weill.

The grandson of a double-listed winner in Enghien. Created by Jean-Marie Callier and Snig Élevage, Les Cerfs Volants was sold at age 2 at the Arqana 2021 summer sale. NBB Racing (Nicolas Bertran de Balanda) bought it for €57,000. He is the son of the stallion Haras de Cercy Cokoriko (Robin des Champs) that gives good horses, precocious, but that know how to last. His mother, Changing times (Martaline), remained unpublished. She previously gave the boil never change partners (Lucarno), obstacle winner at Clairefontaine, and lovely dream (Dream Well), exported to England. the second mother, change partner (Turtle Island), she was a very good mare. She won the Prix du Cher and Roger Saint (Ls) in Enghien and finished second in the Prix Christian de Tredern (listed at the time). Les Cerfs Volants is the nephew of Jamal Malik (Lavirco), winner of the Prix Robert Lejeune (Listed at the time) and Wild Monarch (L), of the stolen silver (Lord du Sud), winner of the Supreme Trial Rossington Main Novices’ Hurdle (Gr2), from Karalee (Martaline), third in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Mares Champion Hurdle (Gr1) and Turbulence (Turgeon), mother of South side (Lord du Sud), winner of the Prix Calabrais (L) and second in the Prix Renaud du Vivier (Gr1). Change Partner is sister of Georgia on my mind (Belmez), winner of the Prix Finot.

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