Prix ​​Aguado (Gr3, hurdles): Losange Bleu, king of hearts

races / 05.22.2022

auteuil, sunday

The Prix Sagan (Gr3) showed that the hierarchy was not yet fully established among the 3 year old fillies. In males, it’s the exact opposite! Blue Diamond (Martaline) is indeed the clear leader of his generation, even if, you tell us, the only colt who ever defeated him – kites (Cokoriko) – is currently absent. Perhaps, but absentees are always wrong.

Tight in the circle, although wearing the red cap for the first time, he was the ringleader. Starting well, still in the lead of the group or in the lead, he jumped well overall. On the contrary, he went above the lot. Losange Bleu may have been a little scared at the last obstacle, which he approached at high speed, having to pull himself together a bit to regain his stride. On the straight, he started again, not worrying too much about his rivals. He won by two and a half lengths in front Prince Chop (Valley of York), which came, on the wire, to wear a short neckline Carlton du Berlais (Zarak).

Sel Jem, Hermès Baie… and Losange Bleu, present and future

Losange Bleu prevailed on a strong Sunday, perfectly launching the Sunday of the Papot family, which, an hour later, will know the consecration with gelatin salt (Marvel Masquerade) at the Grand Steeplechase in Paris. The Papot family has the best obstacle hunter of the French age, the best obstacle runner of the age too, with Hermes Bay (Crillon) and Losange Bleu, the best 3-year-old runner… who represents the future!

The Papot family is also the creator of Losange Bleu. Xavier Papot explained: “The foal is out of the ordinary… He dominated the whole race! He was with a friend who doesn’t know racing but instead said to me: “He’s really doing great, isn’t he?” It was so easy. We suspected that the residents of David Cottin would make us gallop. The lengthening of the distance and the slowing down of the track will be an advantage for Losange Bleu. And so this victory is even more beautiful that we raise it… At least, we are calm, we are sure that we have brothers and sisters! When we started, we bought the horses. The market has evolved a lot since then and it is becoming almost impossible to buy them! You have to imagine that for Hermès Baie we turned down 800,000 euros! We have racehorses by passion. »

Losange Bleu is coached by Dominique Bressou, who already coached his brother green diamond (Montmartre), which won the Prix Duc d’Anjou (Gr3). Losange Bleu is more precocious than her brother and the future looks bright. Dominique Bressou commented: “Today, with a fairly high race pace, he made some small mistakes in his way of jumping. It will be better in autumn on difficult terrain. We will also remain in the obstacles during this period. About what he had done in the Prix Go Ahead (L), we were confident. Today we put a beanie in the ring because I thought it was too tight last time. Once in the race, there is no more problem, it arises… But less stress before a race is always positive for the race! »

not in your land

Jérémy Da Silva, a jockey for Losange Bleu, told Equidia: “Like I say all the time, he’s a little handicapped by the field. Also, the race ended in a tumble. He does it with his heart and his class. We see him at the last hurdles, he recovered a bit because they arrived very fast. It’s great because I haven’t raced in a competitor with such quality in a long time. At least one horse that we managed to keep because the others were sold. It’s a great adventure, I’m delighted! I was annoyed during the whole race, but he was calm. On heavier terrain it will be even more interesting. »


Green Losange’s brother

Created by the stable Mrs. Patrick Papot, Losange Bleu is the son of martaline (Linamix) and sweet valiant (Cadoudal), on the podium at the Auteuil and Enghien barriers at age 3. Bought to join the stallion Papot, Sweet Valrose immediately gave her a Group winner with green diamond (Montmartre), winner of the Prix Duc d’Anjou (Gr3). Previously, she produced Osso-Bello (Corri Piano), third in the Montgomery Prix (Gr3), Vomer (Corri Piano), second in the Stanley Prize (L), and Vicenzo Mio (Corri Piano), third in Gr2 at Cheltenham at age 4. After Losange Bleu, Sweet Valrose had I dream in green (Night Wish), a 2 year old. In 2021, she met Doctor Dino (Muthir).

Losange Bleu is the nephew of blue shark (Cadoudal), winner of the Finale Juvenile Hurdle (Gr1) at Chepstow and the Prix Ketch (L) at Auteuil. This is the tension at the origin of jumping champions like grandouet (Al Namix), and also blessed by the gods (Great Pretender), and therefore of the stallion Cokoriko (Robin des Champs).





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