Near Lannion. Sows fertilized by wild boars: the farmer again condemned

The farmer was found guilty of possessing hybrid species.
The farmer was found guilty of possessing hybrid species. ©Archives

The administrative court of reindeer confirmed the legality of the formal notification issued in November 2019 to a farmer from Lanvellec by “to fulfill” your outdoor pig farm.

Several fertilized sows

As a reminder, this injunction was made after “two boars” to be ” introduced in 2016 on the Berkshire pig farm of this self-styled farmer “horrified by industrial pigs”. they then had “fertilized” several of its nuts, recalls the Administrative Court of Rennes in a judgment of September 22, 2022 that has just been made public.

hybrid animals

Two years later, after a “stray animals on public road” in the spring of 2018, the National Game and Wildlife Office (ONCFS) launched an investigation. He had on this occasion “noticed the presence of hybrid animals” inside the hacienda, let the Rennes judges make their decision.

The peasant was then subjected to a “random control” of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations to verify the facility’s compliance with regulations relating to the health and welfare of animals: it was suspected of having “poorly maintained” their precincts and of having done nothing to “avoiding genetic pollution” between species.

two formal notices

After this visit, Lanvellec’s breeder was therefore the subject of two subpoenas from the prefecture, summoning him to ” only keep purebred Berkshire pigs on their farm.” or “hold a certificate and submit an application for authorization to open non-domestic animal breeding”, all within three months.

The creator therefore graciously appealed to contest these formal notifications, but in vain. He had therefore applied to the administrative court of Rennes to claim the cancellation of the decree of 8 November 2019 by the mayor of Côtes-d’Armor.

genetic analyzes

However, genetic analysis allowed highlighting “the presence of animals with 37 chromosomes in the applicant’s herd”, watch the Rennes judges, while “the pig has 38 chromosomes and the boar 36”🇧🇷 These animals are, therefore, in fact “hybrid species”, contrary to what the creator claims.

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However, the environmental code conditions the opening of breeding sites for species “not domestic” for one “prior authorization” administration, recall the magistrates.

“It puts an entire industry at risk”

“As already stated (…), Mr. R… is in the possession of animals of a non-domestic species”, therefore summarizes the Administrative Court of Rennes. “It is your responsibility to apply for authorization to open and hold a certificate of capacity for establishments for raising animals of non-domestic species. 🇧🇷

Under these conditions, the formal notice issued by the Mayor of Côtes-d’Armor to “to fulfill” with the regulations was therefore legal.

swine fever

This new judicial avatar is finally added to his successive criminal convictions, in the first instance and later on appeal, in the same process.

Its defenders present the peasant of Lanvellec as the “scapegoat of the Breton swine agribusiness”while officials from the Brittany Regional Chamber of Agriculture accuse him in exchange for “Putting an entire industry at risk” : they fear their pigs ” hybrids » contribute to the dissemination “swine fever”🇧🇷

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