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(ETX Daily Up) – Mix NFT, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, currently very popular, add a dash of nostalgia, a tamagoshi, and you get “Dogami”. This video game lets you switch to the “petavers” by adopting a virtual puppy in NFT. The more you take care of your new companion, the more money you will earn.

A crossover between “Nintendogs” and “Pokémon Go”. This is how we could sum up “Dogami”, a game using blockchain technology and NFTs to revolutionize a concept popularized in the 90s and 2000s: the creation of virtual pets. In this “petavers”, an immersive virtual world for pets, players will be able to care for their dog, groom it, feed it and even teach it tricks. Dogami’s dogs are actually NFTs, and each player is responsible for training and nurturing their cryptopup into adulthood (and beyond).

To adopt its pet 3.0, Dogami created a marketplace, available on its website. Future pup breeders must be equipped with a Tezos cryptocurrency wallet (the blockchain used by the game) and have XTZ. For now, all the puppies have found their owner, but further adoption sessions are planned (every two or three months). The more impatient can turn to the resale market. But beware of prices!

Each Dogami is unique. He has his own physical characteristics and his own personality. These criteria, on the other hand, are randomly assigned and breeders discover their dog’s “pedigree” only once acquired. In addition to its properties, each dog is classified according to a rarity system (diamond, most wanted, gold, silver and bronze). The rarer (and therefore more expensive) your virtual companion, the more tokens it receives as a reward: Doga, the in-game cryptocurrency.

“Dogami” is a “play to win” type game which can be translated as “play to win money”. The more a player takes care of his Dogami and builds a relationship with him, the more Doga he will earn, which he can exchange for dollars or euros (after converting to Tezos).

Welcome to the “petavers”

For now, the game is still in the release phase. It is possible to see your puppy and resell it in the market, but not to play with or teach tricks. The most important step should arrive in July. At this point, it would be possible to download the game to your smartphone and access the “puppy phase”, or the puppy’s learning phase. The breeder will finally be able to interact with his animal and improve its characteristics. When you reach adulthood, the game changes radically. It’s time for your crypto puppy to embrace a career and climb the ranks, such as in police, fire, skating, farming, space, or even yoga. To reward the best dogs (and the best players), the game will include a table of the best masters.

This ranking will be very important for one of the essential mechanics of the game: mating. When two virtual animals give birth to a new Dogami, one of the masters leaves with the newborn, the other with his pockets full of Doga. One of the most promising aspects of Dogami is that it offers a way for new players with no resources to access the game. smart contract with Dogami’s owners in a process known as “Dogami Day Care”, allowing them to rent a puppy at a reward. sharing base.

Dogami is an ambitious project around the new tech trends of “play to win”, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. There’s also the promise of a “petavers”, a metaverse where Dogami creators will be able to breed with their 3.0 dogs Who knows, maybe you too will succumb to the charm of a virtual furry ball?

Axel Barre

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