Morbihan: succession from grandfather to granddaughter on this Connemara farm

Gilles Le Mouëllic and his granddaughter Julie, 18, with their Connemara mares and their foals. ©©Pontivy Journal

As a sign, a final delivery is expected in Grevel, in NeulliacClose of Pontivy (Morbihan), at theConnemara Pony Breeding by Gilles Le Mouëllic. The future can be read through this latest birth: “I hope it’s a filly this time, we just had two males” releases Julie, 18, the granddaughter from the creator. The generational relay takes place at Le Mouellis.

Recognized breeding in Ireland, birthplace of the breed

Julie continues, stroking the pregnant mare: “I want to keep the herd and this little family raising, she confides, and smile: it’s more than a passion, all this…”

ONE precious and recognized strain : Gilles Le Mouëllic has just seen a stallion leave for a breeder in Ireland, “in the cradle of the breed, it is a real success! he congratulates himself with a big smile and adds: This is the second place in Ireland, the first one was a long time ago. »

A pride for this hardy breed enthusiast, in addition to his Connemara ponies, he cultivates his »Celtic ” going up six Angus cattle, the famous Scottish breed; and assume your regionalist side with your Landes chickensblack feathers that are not afraid of anything (they climb trees) and that love mosquitoes.

Ubaye, Connemara stallion owned by Gilles Le Mouëllic who has just left for Ireland, the birthplace of the breed. ©©Élevage Le Mouëllic

a family story

Briefly. After being an intensive swine breeder, Gilles Le Mouëllic started breeding Connemara ponies in 1988with her first foal Apollo Pondi, father, among others, of the foal that recently left for Ireland. He stopped intensive breeding to devote himself to breeding horses of this particular breed. And he drags his whole family along on the adventure, starting with your wife Silvia. » She takes care of management and some accounting, it’s not the most exciting task… And I’m the “boy” who does what he wants and when I want! Well that’s what my wife and kids say. »

An equine passion that extends three generations.

My daughters, Marielle and Anne-Laure, ride horses regularly and always compete. Anne-Laure reached the national level: she participated in the French championship and was classified several indoors in Pontivy (Équi Pondi). My son Ronan preferred handball to horse riding, he played for the GSI in Pontivy and Lorient.

Gilles Le Mouelli

Running (half marathon) is also one of the passions of her children, and her grandchildren. “My granddaughter Sarah loves to spend time on the farm. Liam does his cross-country training following his sister on horseback, on the way to Canal Nantes-Brest. But Liam and Adam prefer the bobcat and the tractor, they love to make hay. »

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Julie has just passed her BA…

And so, Julie, her 18-year-old granddaughter, who has just passed her exams to Cashier, and awaiting the results at his grandfather’s farm, riding Connemara. “I continue my studies in agriculture, BTS animal production. »

To replace her grandfather: Julie smiles, “It has to stay in the family. It will be in a different way, but yes, I want to resume. There will be thereproduction, but also training. But my grandfather will always be there,” she says, smiling at him. “Yes, I would be there, but out of my passion for them, I would take a step back in creation,” he replies.

Breeding, training and jumping

Neulliac’s Connemara ponies have been featured in breeding competitions across France for decades.

Dexter was the standard bearer of our breeding, winning many competitions: he was named Horse of the Year in 2003, a pony beating horses, it had been a smash in the industry!

Gilles Le Mouelli

And betting on the future through Julie: “She started to training and won his first competition three weeks ago in Mûr-de-Bretagne. And the granddaughter added: “In addition to dressage, I also want to start jumping. “Family matter next…

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