monkey pox. Global emergency is declared for the epidemic

Faced with the outbreak of monkeypox cases – 16,369 cases detected in 74 countries, with an epicenter located in Europe – the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally decided to raise the highest level of alert, while calling not to stigmatize the sick, the virus essentially affecting the homosexual community.

“There is a risk of transmitting the virus to people who are likely to develop severe forms, in particular children, frail people. Benjamin Davido, infectious disease specialist

Although smallpox is less dangerous and contagious than its cousin, smallpox, it still poses a public health risk. “form”recalled infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido, interviewed Sunday morning at France Inter. “One of the risks is that the disease does not occur in the general population, with the risk of transmission of the virus to people prone to developing severe forms, in particular children, fragile people”, he warns. And then the impact on health will not be the same.

contain the disease

As of July 21, 1,567 cases have been confirmed in France, according to Public Health France (SPF). In most cases (95% in France), the patients are relatively young men who have sex with men (36 years old on average) and who live mainly in large cities. “All the cases identified so far, except for seven women and two children, are adult men”actually falls under SPF. “But the disease also affects sex workers. We also have to pay attention to the nursing team, because it is a disease of touch, of contact, which is also transmitted by droplets, recalled the specialist in infectious diseases. The chance is that we know the infectious agent and that we have a vaccine. The challenge is to ensure that this disease can be delayed and not developed. »

“There is an explosion of cases, lack of information, lack of prevention, lack of doses. Marc-Antoine Bartoli, prevention coordinator at Act Up-Paris,

“Triggering this alert threshold means putting pressure on public authorities to act,” added, in the same waves, Fabrice Pilorgé, advocacy director of the Aides association. If the extension, at the beginning of July, of preventive vaccination to the most exposed groups is on track, the logistics do not follow. “There is an explosion of cases, lack of information, lack of prevention, lack of doses”, explained Marc-Antoine Bartoli, prevention coordinator for Act Up-Paris, Friday in France Info. All the testimonies say the same thing: it is a “obstacle course” vaccinate, due to lack of vacancies, doses and available caregivers. “The response to the spread of the epidemic must be immediate so that eligible people and volunteers can benefit from a full vaccination schedule before the end of summer,” esteems the Auxiliares association, which calls for the State to implement a vaccination campaign ” punch “.

“We sailed by sight”

In the face of criticism, the government claims to have enough doses to vaccinate everyone who wants to. Preventive vaccination against smallpox “continues to grow in power”, the health minister’s office said on Friday, referring to 30,000 vaccine doses being out of stock, others to come and orders. In addition to the strategic stock (whose status is unknown, classified as secret defense), “Orders placed make it possible to satisfy demand without any difficulty”, we reiterate. For Aides, 100,000 to 300,000 people would need a smallpox vaccine.

“We sailed on sight in this disease, warned Benjamin Davido. There is no target population or number of doses due to confidentiality. We don’t know how many people need to be officially vaccinated, how many have already been done and what pace it would take to contain the virus. » The infectologist’s fear: that smallpox may circulate more widely and become endemic.

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