Mégisserie pet stores have sued

The Stéphane LAMART association “For the defense of animal rights”, recognized as a Public Utility, will be present on August 31 and September 5, 6, 7, 2022 at 1:30 pm before the Criminal Court of Paris in the context of the famous pet shops in Quai de la Mégisserie for which she had brought civil proceedings.

The June 10, 2014At the request of the Public Prosecutor of the Judicial Court of Paris, teams from the GIR (regional intervention group) and investigators from the national judicial customs service proceeded to seize, as a precaution, more than 150 animals (mainly dogs and cats) in a network of eight pet shops located on quai de la Mégisserie in Paris 1er. After the legal request of all the animals, they were in charge of the SPA.

At the scene, eight people were arrested: the three owners of the pet shops, including Jean-Pierre LIEUVIN, in addition to four employees and the doctor ALBRIC, a veterinarian.

This is a legal procedure that has been running since the 1990s, several animal protection associations, namely the Stéphane LAMART association, had already alerted the authorities in the 2000s and continued to do so for several years.

The March 2, 2001at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Paris and the gendarmes of Meaux, accompanied by the 30 million Friends Foundation and the national hunting office, they searched Jean-Pierre LIEUVIN’s house, the Château de Coupvray (77). The gendarmes noticed in their freezers the presence of various animals: a frozen llama, parrots and badgers; as well as dog, cat, turtle, deer head and panther corpses in garbage bags.

The September 22, 2006Jean-Pierre LIEUVIN, owner of five pet shops out of the eight involved in 2014, had already been convicted of mistreatment of animals in Fine of 5,000 euros and ban for a period of three years from exercising a profession that involves the breeding or breeding of domestic animals.

During judicial searches carried out in June 2014 in pet shops in Paris, Police officers discovered hundreds of dogs and cats deprived of water, locked in cages in dark, damp basements and in open plastic containers. They were seriously ill, some had contracted coryza, neurological pathologies, respiratory deficiencies. A dead German Shepherd had been found in a refrigerator at one of the pet stores. Bird cages were very old and overcrowded, traces of injuries to pigeons due to stress were observed, an overpopulation of rodents was also observed.

The various establishments disrespected and did not respect the hygiene rules, the ceilings above the birds were deteriorated, there was a lack of air conditioning in the pet stores, the basements were damp with stagnant water. Unfortunately, several animals had to be euthanized.

In addition to abuse, it is a real traffic that was organized, the managers bought the animals in the countries of the East, without any viable veterinary follow-up, the animal certificates were, moreover, wrong and falsified. For example, a Chihuahua purchased for €400 in Slovakia can be resold for up to €3,000 in Parisian pet stores.

Our attorney Maître Patrice GRILLON will plead during the various hearing dates until the 31stº chamber of the Paris Criminal Court”, explains the association.

Judging will take place at 1:30 pm for 6 days on August 29, 30, 31 and September 5, 6, 7, 2022 for the following charges, among others: animal mistreatment, commercial transport of live animals without authorization, introduction into the territory of live animals in violation of sanitary or protection conditions, falsification and use of forgery, tax evasion of whitening, misuse of company assets, undercover work, fraud, etc.

Stéphane LAMART declares that it is time to legislate on farms and pet shops. To definitively end the trafficking of animals on the Internet, the sale of animals online to individuals must be prohibited. We are closely following this trial in the hope that justice will be done for all animal victims of trafficking.

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