Lot-et-Garonne: In Prayssas, residents and the mayor angry about a dog farm

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An American Bully XL breeding has settled in Prayssas. Residents and the mayor believe that this disrupts the neighborhood. The creator explains.

Since July 2021, Monstrous Bully Kingdom, a French creation of American Bully XL, a breed of dogs as robust as they are affectionate, has settled in the territory of the municipality of Prayssas, precisely in a place called “Cornier”. Residents consider themselves victims of neighborhood disturbances. They have the support of the mayor. The creator confides that “his dream has turned into a nightmare”.
“There was no authorization to build the kennel and put at least twenty dogs in the building”, guarantees Jean-Pierre Seube, president of the riverine populations of the Massa valley. For this association, the creator “failed in relation to the urbanism department of the Community of communes”. She adds: “It appears that this operator also does not have the necessary approvals to operate a breeding operation with more than nine dogs. Apparently, the Alerted Veterinary Services (DSV) carried out a check, but we still don’t know the outcome of this visit. A complaint has been lodged with the gendarmerie services for months. However, the file doesn’t seem to have evolved much. While waiting for the administrative bureaucracy to amend this dossier, it is the local residents who suffer daily, day and night, from the annoyances of this wild creation”.
Residents, very close to the farm, wanted to give their testimony: “The noise of barking, incessant during the day and night, is a source of discomfort that affects rest and nervous balance”.

“There will be no connection of electricity and drinking water”

Philippe Bousquiet, mayor of Prayssas, understands “the position of local residents who suffer from the noise and olfactory annoyance of this wild creation”. He says: “I’ve been looking after this file since July 2021 and at that time I met the project leader and asked him to send me a description, plans, soil study and of course to fill out an application to the city planning department. to date I have not received anything and he made and built it as he wanted without any authorization from the competent services. I alerted the various State services, a complaint was made to the gendarmerie and a report to the DSV. I am still waiting for the reports and legal actions I have confirmed to this gentleman that there will be no electricity and drinking water connection in the current situation. I hope that this dossier will soon find a favorable outcome for the quality of life of the affected residents and that the law will be respected”.

“I lost €40,000”

Alexis Marin believes she is within her rights today. He hopes to have water and electricity soon. He currently uses a generator and daily brings water to his dogs who, he says, “are like my children”. He admits to having had 20 dogs, but that is no longer the case. He only has nine left. “A dog is worth between 3,000 and 10,000 euros. I had to give a little.” He estimates he lost 40,000 euros.
In this agricultural land that he bought, he indicates that “nothing is built in stone”. “The structure is removable. Everything is removable. It’s like you have a garden shed at home.” He says he’s ready to argue with the mayor. He also invited him to visit his farm.
Originally from Layrac, Alexis Marin works with American Bully XL. Muscular, this dog is not categorized. He has no reputation for being aggressive. On the contrary. It is suitable for a family. “He IS above all a dog that does not bark, emphasizes the breeder. I’m there all day, no barking. On the other hand, if there is a fox prowling around the farm, it is spotted.” He would like to point out that, on the other hand, the neighbors dog howls. He’s ready to bring a bailiff on the spot to write it down.
He notes that three of these direct neighbors have dogs “purchased by breeders.” “Cattle farmers, 20 km from home, is good but 100 m…”. Finally, he reminds us that there is a deer farm right in front and that the deer slab does not go unnoticed. “Nobody complains about it.”

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