Lab monkey trade

One voice calls on Frédérique Vidal, the Minister for Research, to prevent the importation of laboratory monkeys into Europe via France. Information that comes just days after the TRAFFIC/WWF report that revealed France’s role in the legal and illegal trade in endangered wild animals…

Sylaba mysterious research center offering all kinds of “bioproducts”

I’use of non-human primates for research purposes it’s not illegal. But in Europe, one import channel in particular is worrying: it is the Platform Sylaban establishment of the University of Strasbourg in Alsace, which imports long-tailed macaques from Mauritius and Vietnam.

In a statement, One voice denounces the fact that some monkeys are from ” first generation, that is, born of wild mothers vilely captured in the Wild, as the EU directive plans to only allow trade in second-generation monkeys next year !

Squeezed into the holds of planes for hours to reach Europe, they are then “ condemned to remain locked in cold, empty metal cages for the rest of their lives. The only times they go out is to ending up in restrictions and undergoing painful and terrifying tests…Those who survive these experiments continue to endure the horror, from laboratory to laboratory, year after year. Profitability requires… »

According to information from the associations One voice and Action for Primatesmore than a thousand primates pass through it every year before joining other laboratories in Europe. Italian, German and British laboratories source their supplies there rather than ordering their own “lab monkeys” directly from foreign suppliers. Why make it so complicated instead of having them fly directly to Germany or Italy?

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A business that asks serious questions

The Silabe website, still available as of March 9, 2021, is offline at the time of writing. While it was still available, it said, in English: Le Silabe is able to supply a wide range of non-human primate bioproducts according to your needs. […] Le Silabe offers tailor-made services and solutions to support your research projects. […] Bioproducts from primates of different species (cynomolgus and rhesus monkeys, marmosets, etc.), of different ages, sexes and origins, are currently available. We can also supply bespoke primate products.and”.

According to the website, Silabe offers blood, serum, plasma and other products, which can be consulted after registration. One voice sent a letter to Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Research, asking the State to enlighten this center.

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Animal experimentation: 1 animal in 3 undergoes this in France

In addition to the case of Silab, One voice urges researchers and industry to reduce their use of primates for research purposes. In 2017, more than 30% of primates undergoing experiments in the European Union were in France. Every year, French researchers carry out experiments on two million animals, a huge number.

lab monkey trade

The signs, whose great intellectual capacities are known, are used in several fields of biomedical research, in particular neurosciences and immunology © Tim Archer

According to official data, France is the third country in Europe, after the United Kingdom and Germany, that most uses primates for experimental purposes. In fact, this number is underestimated, France does not publish certain data, unlike its neighbors, recalls One voice.
French laboratories are also the biggest “consumers” of cats in Europe, while our country ranks second in Europe for dogs, after the United Kingdom.

Very sad performances!

To learn more and sign the petition, click here.

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