La Forêt des Singes reopens on March 26 – Medialot

Start the 2022 season.

As the first buds begin to bloom and the forest gradually recovers its tender spring foliage, Parc de la Forêt des Singes is in full swing to welcome the public as best as possible and offer them an incredible experience closer to the monkeys. . The adventure begins again this Saturday, March 26th. Berber monkeys are still dressed in their long winter hair, which gives them the appearance of large stuffed animals.

With its ability to amaze young and old alike, the Monkey Forest offers an immersive discovery closer to the Berber monkeys. Evolving over 20 hectares of meadows and forests, the 150 monkeys live in complete freedom in the park, an unmissable place in Rocamadour, where visitors discover a unique place to live and a preserved environment. Berber monkeys do not hesitate to approach and offer visitors privileged moments. A surprising closeness is created between men and apes and provides unforgettable emotions to young and old alike.

Surprises and discoveries; these are the marks of a visit to the Monkey Forest. Feeding sessions are offered every 45 minutes by the park’s nature animators who reveal all the secrets of this captivating species. These enthusiasts are present throughout the tour and are happy to share their knowledge, both in French and in English. Species conservation, eating habits or social life, so many different themes that captivate visitors. All lovers of the challenge are also offered a treasure hunt, the opportunity to share a moment of family complicity and to win, for the lucky ones, a very beautiful Magot plush toy.

A tour around the locomotion of primates enriches the visit. The aim is to promote immersion and proximity to the park’s Berber monkeys, offering children the opportunity to face the challenge of slipping into the primates’ skin and moving around like some of them. On the ground or two meters high, soothed by hammocks, the adventure becomes a strong experience. The route continues around an educational lagoon with a rich local fauna and flora to discover, awakening our consciences more than ever, also connecting us to our ecosystem.

Wild Barbary monkeys live in the mountains of North Africa in a temperate climate. Most of the time, monkeys are associated with warm countries, but Magot is one of the exceptions because in North Africa it lives at altitudes where we find a climate similar to ours: winter, for example, is also cold and snowy. we. The park’s monkeys feel right at home and can live outdoors all year round. They are perfectly adapted to this climate. In winter, its coat is long and dense. They lose it in the spring, during the moult, in favor of a shorter coat for the summer. Another adaptation concerns births: babies come into the world in spring, when temperatures are mild and food is abundant.

Populations in North Africa are currently estimated at less than 8,000 individuals in their wild habitats. The Barbary monkey has been classified since 2008 as an endangered species by the IUCN, due to the sharp decline in wild populations: more than half in 30 years! The park actively participates in the conservation of the species, maintaining a valuable genetic reserve, making its visitors aware of the protection of the Magots and sponsoring actions in favor of their preservation. The Monkey Forest and the other three parks in the group constitute an ideal field of study for ethological research (study of behavior). More than 300 scientific articles were published in the specialized press, especially with the participation of major international universities. Fundamental notions about this species were acquired allowing to know it better to better protect it.

> La Forêt des Singes is open every day from March 26 to November 6, 2022, as well as November 11, 12 and 13.

Opening of the park without interruption between 12:00 and 13:00 in July and August Opening hours at

> 2022 Rates

9.50 euros: Adult
5.50 euros: Child (5-14 years old) Free for children up to 5 years old

Group rate from 20 people.

> Duration of visit

about 1 hour and 15 minutes

Car park accessible to carts and wheelchairs with assistance


– Snacks with a shaded terrace

– Children’s playground

– Equipped picnic area

– Ample free parking

– Souvenir shop

– Video area and information pavilion

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