L214 transmits shocking images and makes a complaint

Attention shock images. In a video broadcast on 25 August 2022, L214 reveals the mistreatment of rabbits on a Breton farm belonging to the president of French producers. The association also lodged a complaint with the Rennes prosecutor.

Bad treatment of rabbits on a Breton farm

Tirelessly, the association L214 denounces the conditions of reproduction in France. This time it is broadcasting the footage that was taken at a rabbit farm located in Domalain in Ille-et-Vilaine in May 2022. That belongs to Frédéric Blot, president of the National Federation of Rabbit Producing Groups (Fenalap), who is also president of the Elvilap group, which markets 2.6 million rabbits a year, or 10% of French production.

And the least we can say is that the president of French producers does not set an example, quite the opposite. In a shock video broadcast on August 25, 2022, L214 reveals the terrible fate of these rabbits. Many are seriously injured in the legs, ears, eyes. Wounds are not treated and become infected. Newborn rabbits, mutilated by their highly stressed mothers, are dying on the wire mesh floor of their cages. Dead rabbits decompose among the living. General hygiene is deplorable “.They never have access to the outside and are raised in closed buildings with no windows. The living space per rabbit, whether in a cage or a playpen, is equivalent to the space of an A4 sheet “, denounces the association.

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L214 filed a complaint and asks for the closure of the farm

In addition to the images that speak for themselves, L214 gives concrete numbers to support its message. The association has indeed obtained a creation document which indicates that of the 7,688 rabbits born alive, 1,050 are culled, ie a rate of 14% of rabbits dead at birth. Those who survive will end up on a Le Gaulois tray on which, ironically, the photo of its creator is displayed.

© L214

For more information and to sign the petition, click here.

Faced with such horror, L214 calls for the emergency closure of this farm (SCEA du Moulin). The association also asks the municipality of Ille-et-Vilaine, which has ordered an investigation, to oppose the project to expand the establishment. She also filed a complaint with the Rennes prosecutor for ” the offense of ill-treatment (failure to care for sick or injured rabbits, inadequate facilities that cause suffering, violent handling) and the offense of abandonment (animals left to die) against SCEA du Moulin, against Frédéric Blot, its manager and against the animal health veterinarian “, teaches us a press release. L214 also launched a petition to demand a moratorium on new intensive farming facilities and an end, in 10 years, to farms that deprive animals of access to the great outdoors.

Illustration – © L214

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