L214 reveals the shocking testimony of a former swine farm worker

New shocking images. L214 reveals this Thursday, August 19, videos from a pig farm in Annay-sur-Serein, Yonne. It is a former employee of the farm, who testifies here with his face uncovered, who alerted the association to the fight against animal cruelty and made photos and videos available.

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The complainant allegedly worked for two years in this intensive farm where there are 1,800 sows, “triple the French average”specifies the association that regularly publishes videos “shocks” denounce the conditions of raising and slaughtering animals.

The sequel after the announcement

The images, which “O Obs” has compiled below, they show the swollen bodies of animals, some dying on the ground, their corpses eaten by worms. Some nuts receive screwdriver blows to make them move faster. L214 also denounces “cut raw tails” systematic and prohibited practice, and the “beating piglets”which consists of killing babies considered less profitable, knocking them out.

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L214 files a claim

The creative worker, not having heard from his manager when he wanted to talk to him about what he observed, tried to contact the manager. Once again, his request went unanswered. Depressed and shocked by his working conditions, he says he resigned and then filed a complaint. “ What I would like is for the manager to stop working in that area, and completely close the sty because it’s going to continue all the time. “, he judges.

For its part, L214 also lodged a complaint for serious abuse with the prosecutor of Auxerre. An online petition calling for an inspection of the farm and sanctions against it was posted online.

L214: “We publicly expose what the food industry doesn’t want to show”

We salute the courage of this official who decided to make public the serious abuses committed against animals at the Tremblats pigsty in Yonne,” he said. declared Sébastien Arsac, director of investigations and spokesman for the association.

The sequel after the announcement

If the ban on live castration of piglets takes effect from January 2022, L214 asks public authorities to go further. ” We demand sanctions for this breeding and a ban on piglets being slapped and their tails cut off. », urges Sébastien Arsac.

Formal notice after an unexpected check

In a press release this Thursday, Yonne City Hall indicates that the pigsty operator was “warning warned” after an inspection of the farm on June 1st and the finding of “unconformities”.

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This unannounced check, carried out by the veterinary services of the Departmental Directorate for Employment, Labour, Solidarity and Population Protection (DDETSPP), “Following a report filed with the gendarmerie”said the same source.

“DDETSPP informed the operator that a new survey would be carried out to verify the compliance of his farm”according to the prefecture, which provides “total mobilization” veterinary services of the DDETSPP.

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