L214 broadcasts shocking footage of a pig farm in Yonne

The animal advocacy association L214 broadcast, Thursday, August 19, shocking new footage of abuse, this time at a pig farm in Yonne, and unprecedented testimony, with his face uncovered, from a former pitching employee.

“They cut live tails and live castrations (…). If one [porcelet] box, they pick it up and hit the floor. Sometimes you can still see him moving in the bucket.”, witness Grégory Boutron. A former employee for two years and two months at the SCEA Les Tremblats II breeding farm in Annay-sur-Serein (Yonne), the latter recently resigned from his position after falling into depression after the abuse he may have to certify. He pursues: “Because the sow doesn’t want to advance, they go after her with screwdrivers (…). They cut teeth with pliers (…). They fired fourteen matador shots [un outil d’étourdissement utilisé dans les abattoirs] kill a nut…”

The ex-employee, who says never “I have never seen a controller” during all the time he spent on this farm, he adds that he alerted the director about the matter, but, faced with his inaction, he lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie, having then contacted the L214.

Auxerre prosecutor Hugues de Phily confirmed to Agence France-Presse (AFP) this complaint, dated February, and the opening of a preliminary investigation, entrusted to the gendarmerie and the veterinary services.

Be careful, these images can get in the way.

“I would like the person in charge to stop working in this area and for the box to be closed, because it will never stop”declares Grégory Boutron.

Videos, taken with his cell phone, show sows swollen all over their bodies from blows with a screwdriver or dying on the concrete floor of the pigsty, as well as gilts whose teeth have been cut.

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Formal notification after an inspection

It is an intensive farm with 1,800 sows, three times the French average. It is managed by the Provent-SDPR group, which directly or indirectly operates around a hundred pig farms, according to L214. Contacted by AFP, the company’s management, based in Savoy, did not react to the association’s accusations.

Sébastien Arsac, director of investigations and spokesman for L214, specified that the association filed a complaint on Wednesday with the public prosecutor of Auxerre, denouncing “numerous violations of regulations”.

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The association calls for sanctions against breeding, but also a ban on tail docking and piglet cocking: those considered the least profitable are violently stunned shortly after birth. This operation should kill them quickly, but this is far from always the case, according to L214.

In a press release, Yonne City Hall indicates that the pigsty operator was “warning warned” following an inspection of the holding on 1er June, and the observation of “unconformities”. This unannounced check, carried out by the veterinary services of the departmental directorate for employment, work, solidarity and the protection of populations (DDETSPP), “Following a report filed with the gendarmerie”is specified.

Agriculture and Food Minister Julien Denormandie condemned in a press release “unacceptable practices conveyed by these images” :

“If the inspection carried out in June did not reveal any situation or unacceptable behavior such as those shown in the videos and related to acts of cruelty (blows and injuries with screwdrivers and killers, excessive use of electric batteries, reduction of wedges with pliers without control of the pain), further investigations will be carried out. »

The ministry hopes that the investigation carried out will allow “sanction proven deviations or breaches of current regulations”.

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“DDETSPP informed the operator that a new survey would be carried out to verify the compliance of his farm”according to the prefecture, which provides “total mobilization” veterinary services of the DDETSPP.

The swine interprofession, Inaporc, declined to comment immediately, telling AFP it was “totally mobilized to understand what happened on this farm”.

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