KOOKAPI: “The benefits of insect-based croquettes”

Insect-based kibble, ideal for your pet and good for the planet. Just like human food, animal feed manufacturers are changing the codes. Startup KOOKAPI offers croquettes and treats made from insects and minerals. Hervé BECK explains how KOKAPI provides healthier dog food and better food for our planet.

Does dog and cat food contribute to climate change?

This simple question may surprise you! The meat-based diet of our pets has a huge impact on the planet. This meat production actually generates significant greenhouse gas emissions. In the US, dogs, cats and other pets alone represent the 5th largest consumer of meat in the world. To fight global warming, we must reduce meat consumption globally, without necessarily forcing them to stop eating meat. Today there are alternatives to beef and poultry that can meet 100% of the needs of a healthy animal while respecting the planet. Thus, scientific studies have demonstrated the nutritive power of insect proteins. Therefore, it is possible to move towards food solutions that avoid intensive agriculture. This is the way of the future and KOOKAPI’s choice.

How can the KOOKAPI brand reconcile animal welfare and sustainable development?

“We are what we eat”. Foodtech KOOKAPI addresses the issue of sustainable nutrition for our dogs and cats (which consume 20% of the world’s meat production!) by offering a new food: eco-responsible and ideal for their health. With insects as the main ingredient, KOOKAPI provides our pets with the highest quality nutrients that are particularly good for them and the planet. Our responsible approach is total: choice of ingredients with a low ecological footprint, production in France, natural and traceable ingredients, transparency towards our consumers. With KOOKAPI, we are addressing owners who limit their meat consumption and involve their animal in this choice.

Why did KOOKAPI choose to become a patron of the 1% For Animals label?

KOOKAPI’s two values ​​are respect for animals and our environment. Values ​​shared with the YouCare association that fights against animal abuse, against abandonment, against the abusive use of intensive agriculture and which, like us, is starting a fight for the protection and preservation of biodiversity. As a patron of the “1% For Animals” label, we are committed to donating 1% of our turnover. Thanks to donations, the Seal carries out major projects to protect and care for domestic animals, preserve and recreate the natural habitat of wild animals. Actions in harmony with our mission: to reconcile animal love and well-being with a sustainable environment.


EVIDENT: Deer antler chews for dogs

The evident deer antler comes from the annual moult of wild deer in Europe. Source of natural calcium and minerals, these treat your dog’s teeth naturally and safely. Whether whole, sliced ​​or beveled, deer antler meets the need for chewing. It doesn’t break into pieces, doesn’t give off an unpleasant odor and doesn’t stick to the hair. A natural solution adapted to your dog’s age, size and temperament and which will also have the benefit of calming him down.

Kiviks filtering garbage bags

They are magic sieves that simplify cleaning the trash can! Biodegradable and economical, these stacked filter bags make it easy to get rid of your cat’s urine and feces. A patented French innovation, Kiviks is designed to resist scratches and is best used with binding sand that compacts liquids. Goodbye, hello practical, economical and ecological gesture with Kiviks! Available in 3 sizes to adapt to all types of trays.

  • Website: http://www.kiviks.com

  • Price: €5.95

  • Sale: Small, medium and large surfaces

Hop Box: products for rabbits and guinea pigs

Hop Box is a themed box brand and an online store that offers more than 80 varied, healthy and natural products (no chemicals or additives), good for the body of rabbits and guinea pigs. With three types of hay, Hop Box is recognized for offering quality. Meadow hay, timothy, Provence, with long strands, not dusty, from French regions, very popular with rabbits and guinea pigs. Hop Box also offers a subscription to receive hay every month.

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