Is the taste of meat a male deviation? George Sand responds to Sandrine Rousseau

Sandrine Rousseau would like to decolonize our bellies. The deputy Europa Ecology The Greens calls our stomachs to a “ mindset change “. Invites the French to demonize the rib steak, which our tradition has made “a symbol of virility” She said: she attributes the ecological crisis, global warming, tsunamis, fires, hailstones, floods and perhaps also inflation to the guilty taste that children have for meat. When she becomes prime minister, we hope she doesn’t ban couscous. The flavor of fleshy flesh is characteristic of poorly deconstructed males, she says in substance. However, it appears that her avuncular ally, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, doesn’t like chicken-or stir-fry.

Madam Member, we do not wish to refute your concept of“androcene”, concept recreational activity according to which capitalism, colonialism and carnivorism would be essentially puerile (doesn’t the capitalocene one seem more funky?). We just want to mention George. Madam, have you forgotten about George? George, who was the victim of the lowest misogynistic attacks. Here is the menu of what writer George Sand (1804 – 1876) ate at his home in Nohant. Her cookbooks testify to this.

The sequel after the announcement

A smell of fish around the “barbecue”


Béarnaise-style beef fillet

Brazilian filet mignon

marinated rib


steak pudding

flamingo stew

Boiled beef meatballs

7 Hour Gigot. »

Allow me, Madam Member, to wish you a good continuation:

“Turkish Sheep”

mutton beans


Veal liver with truffles

Veal liver pomegranates

Veal in sardines

Veal in tuna

veal in jelly

Veal chops in papillote

Small fricandeaux with mushrooms

Galantine. »

Madam, I feel that you are still dissatisfied. Let’s go to the game.

« Lapland Reindeer Tongues

hare a la royale

sweet and sour hare

hare stew

The sequel after the announcement

Stuffed branches. »

Personally, I’m starting to break even, but I feel, Madam, that you’re tougher than I am. Some birds?

” Chicken

Richelieu chicken

Chicken a la Maiden

Chicken with rice

Chicken with American sauce

chicken hunter

Italian chicken

The sequel after the announcement

Chicken fricasse. »

Are you in favor of European construction, within the harmonious framework of carbon neutrality? the author of The Little Fadet »a free and carnivorous woman, offers her “Brussels Duck”, sovereign meat and sweet meat to your visionary palate. Add to that the bird aspic she seasoned, say some biographers, of lesbian genius. This is what George, the Georgian George, has eaten at his rustic table in Nohant for forty-one years. I almost forgot, Madame la Député, the most important thing: the charcuterie.

candied goose

foie gras pate

foie gras terrine

homemade pie

hare terrine

The sequel after the announcement

Roasted ham. »

Sandrine Rousseau: “We need a boost like we see in times of war”

Because at our host’s table, you know, goose confit has always been sororal. Born Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin de Francueil, George liked to dress like a man and a dandy. She dared to wear trousers, an accessory forbidden to women by decree of November 17, 1800. It is anachronistic to wonder if her taste for pork, lamb at 7 o’clock and poultry à l’Hermite ) for Sand another form of emancipation, not to mention “deconstructing gender”?

With all due respect to patriarchal rattlesnakes, it’s like a woman without a master, a pioneer of feminism, wearing boots and dressed in “Coat in thick gray fabric, with gray hat and thick wool tie” that she was walking into a restaurant to devour a grilled rib. In her defense, a lawyer would say it was before intensive agriculture, a source of methane, before meat consumption became the primary cause of climate change. And he would undoubtedly add that it is always necessary to dissociate the woman and the artist.

In the book “A la table de George Sand”, her descendant Christiane Sand evokes Aurore Sand, George’s granddaughter, who, until her death in 1961, perpetuated her grandmother’s philosophy of the flesh:

“I see her like it was yesterday, ninety-five years old, but all frail and mischievous, slyly pulling out her little pocketknife for us from one of her pockets. Learn to skillfully carve a superb duck, offered that very morning by a neighboring farmer. No one knew as well as Aurore how to cut with a precise and sure gesture the delicate aiguillettes, that precious meat of a well-bred duck. The moment was solemn, everything had to be done according to the rules; each piece taken from the carcass was punctuated by a laugh of triumph as it was placed on the serving platter…”

But I step aside, Madam, and leave you with George, Aurore and Christiane, not wanting to disturb the Eleusinian Mysteries of this unmixed encounter between powerful women.

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