Intensive livestock farming: birds designed by a “chicken cannon”!

A whistleblower filmed on one of the largest French farms, supplying the Le Gaulois brand. In the images transmitted by the association L214: injured poultry, garbage cans overflowing with dead animals, or even a “chicken cannon”… which projects the chickens into transport crates destined for the slaughterhouse! The 30 Million Friends Foundation punishes violence inflicted on these sentient beings by the intensive model.

Unworthy practices that increasingly shock public opinion! In Saint-Saturnin-du-Limet, in Mayenne, a town of around 512 inhabitants, is one of the largest breeding complexes in France: 2 million chickens are sent every year to the slaughterhouse to supply Le Gaulois, a brand owned by the LDC agribusiness group. . In September 2021, a whistleblower filmed inside the buildings – half of which, without windows, offer no natural light to the animals. In the images released by the association L214 on November 18, 2021, we see birds struggling to stand up due to their ultra-fast growth. Some can no longer even reach the irrigation systems and are therefore doomed to die of thirst.

(Warning, the images below may offend the public)

The whistleblower’s footage shows injured poultry, but also the use of a “chicken cannon”… ©L214

Formal notice issued by the city hall in 2012

In this real “chicken factory”, the complainant also films the use of a terrible machine: on the one hand, a kind of “harvester” sucking chickens and, on the other, a “cannon” that brutally throws the chickens into transport boxes destined for to the slaughterhouse. The video also shows rubbish bins (garbage cans, editor’s note) overflowing with dead animals and filled with larvae, proof according to L214 of a failure to remove the corpses. The association also points out that the operator was the subject, in 2012, of a formal notification from the Mayenne municipality, namely for “exceeding the number of authorized chickens”… which would not have prevented this breeder from obtaining later authorizations to expand: 220,000 to 330,000 animals in 2014, and up to 360,000 birds two years later!

Some birds struggle to stand up due to their overgrown growth. ©L214

“Buy with confidence”. Serious ?!

Nevertheless, on his website, Le Gaulois highlights this exploration under his label Yes it’s good !supposedly to guarantee consumers “clean and tidy farms” as well as “respect for animal welfare”, providing measures such as the “presence of pecking or bales of straw” or the “transmission of music or radio to keep the hens calm” ” (!). On the website, the creator in question states that ” love [s]’take care of [ses] Animals, to see them grow, to see that they are fine in the chicken coop (sic). And the industrialist, in turn, reassures: ” Buy with confidence Le Gaulois, a quality French brand ! » Commercial and advertising practices that some consider misleading or even misleading.

On one side, a harvester and, on the other, a cannon that brutally throws the chickens into the transport boxes.©L214

The lack of commitment by the production leader in France against the worst agricultural practices is unjustifiable.
Brigitte Gothiere, L214

The association, which filed a complaint for “mistreatment” with the prosecutor, asks the LDC group to ” Take a strong stand against worst farming and slaughtering practices » and in favor of « free range for chickens “, through a petition that has gathered more than 89,000 signatures. ” The living conditions and the method of collecting the animals are disastrous in this breeding site that provides LDC, criticizes Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of L214, in a press release. (…) While more than 100 food companies like Carrefour, Leclerc, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, (…) have already committed themselves against the worst practices of intensive poultry farming, the lack of commitment by the production leader in France is unjustifiable. »

The Le Gaulois brand highlights this operation with the Oui c’est bon! seal, which aims to guarantee “respect for animal welfare”. ©L214

End intensive agriculture

While the LDC group had already been pointed out by whistleblowers on two occasions (investigations into Master CoQ farms in 2018 and then in 2021), the 30 Million Friends Foundation is demanding from the government of Emmanuel Macron an exit plan from the intensive model, a system to which more than 8 out of 10 French people are opposed (Survey Fundação 30 Milhões de Amigos / Ifop, 2021).

The time for inaction lasted too long! On this topic of intensive agriculture – as with other animal abuse – the 30 Million Friends Foundation launched a campaign in early November 2021 asking 2022 presidential candidates to make a concrete commitment to its program to improve the destiny of ALL. the animals.


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