In the Nice RendezVous notebook 2022 Week 24 – Heat wave!

In astronomy, Heatwave is the main star in the constellation Canis Major, more commonly known as Sirius. By extension, the heat wave is a period of great heat during which this star rises and sets precisely with the sun. During the heat wave, be careful! No overexertion, no prolonged period in the sun, prefer the shade of the trees and hydrate yourself… Already a first wave of heat! And our summer?

A little further – Small Festival
Until July 10, 2022
the pitcher

Bringing together artists from all backgrounds and all generations and revealing the diversity of contemporary practices, the Festival du Peu arrives at Le Broc. “It was quite natural, on the occasion of a new beginning, to want to take the business “a little further”, in the spirit of the founders Jean Mas and Jean-Marie Audoli. Whether to distance yourself, to go beyond the limits of art or perception, to take a step to the side or a great leap forward, we will find many surprising solutions in the approximately fifteen artistic proposals gathered at Le Broc this summer. this singular equation. Frédérik Brandi – Exhibition curator
The artists: Laurent Brachelente, Alexandre Capan, Florence Guillemot, Demon Harvey, Marie Larroque-Daran, François Mauplot, Laurent Mô, Sophie Olivier, Frédéric Pasquini, Fabienne Roz, Collectif Sei, Tatjana Sonjov, Jean-Charles Stora, Florent Testa.

Summer Dance! of the Ballets de Monte Carlo

Princess Grace Academy Gala
June 24, 25, 2022 at 7:30 pm
Garnier room
Back to track 61, choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot
Claude Pascal, choreography by Jirí Kylián
Casi Casa, choreography by Mats Ek
July 14, 15, 16, 17, 2022 at 10:30 am
Grimaldi Forum: Choreographers of the Night 3

Life in the Haut-Pays of Nice – Living and dying in the mountains
Pascal Colletta
Memories of the Millennium Editions

112 black and white pages with numerous period photographs – Format: 22 x 22 cm – Price: 18€
For centuries, the inhabitants of the Haut-Pays of Nice maintained an original mentality, transmitted beliefs and shaped a territory. In this book, the author transports us to an alpine world, closer to the men and women who wrote history. Daily life, traditional activities, festivals and ceremonies, medicine, tasty anecdotes and memories illustrated by period photographs allow everyone to discover the traditions and knowledge of the past. Here is a book to better understand what mountain culture is and listen to the beating heart of this Haut-Pays Niçois so dear to everyone.
The author: Pascal Colletta was born, up there, in the Haut-Pays. A school teacher in Levens, he is the author in particular of La Cuisine du Haut-Pays niçois (Millennium Memoirs 2021), La Mourra, more than a game (Millennium Memoirs 2020), Under the stars of Tinée (Millennium Memoirs 2018), VerduNIssa ( Memories of the Millennium 2017)…

Great Reggae Festival
Monday, July 4, 2022 at 7pm
La Pinède – Juan-les-pins

The 25th edition of the Big Reggae Festival will take place in the pine forest of Juan les Pins (very close to Antibes), located by the sea. In tonight’s account, artists very committed to Love, Freedom and Independence: Danakil, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Julian Marley and Vanupié. Born in the late 60s in Jamaica, reggae is a song that speaks of injustice and hope.

cosquer mediterranean
June 4th to September 25th: 9 am to 9 pm – September 26 to November 11: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm – November 11 to March 31: 10 am to 6:30 pm
J4 Esplanade – Porto Velho 13002 Marseille

Open every day from Monday to Sunday and holidays.
Adults from 18 years old: 16€ – Children from 10 to 17 years old: 10€ – Children from 6 to 9 years old: 5€ – Free up to 6 years old
Since Saturday, June 4, 2022, the new exceptional cultural site, COSQUER MÉDITERRANÉE, has opened its doors in Marseille. It houses the reconstruction of the Cosquer cave, an important site in the history of parietal art in the Paleolithic. Visitors have the opportunity to admire this masterpiece of parietal art aboard exploration modules, along its 220-meter course. The walls reveal an incredible bestiary: bison, horses, penguins and seals; but also handprints, drawings and engravings. To extend your visit, the Mediterranean gallery invites you to discover the history of the cave and life in Marseille during the Paleolithic period.

Nights in the Forest
From June 17th to 26th, 2022
Forest of Gréolières les Neiges – Massif du Cheiron
Annot Sandstone and Colle Basse Forest
All over France, hundreds of experiences in the heart of nature are offered in 150 forests: shows, artistic installations, nights, camps and walks guided by foresters or storytellers, day and night, that will allow you to discover the fascinating worlds of the forest and the of culture and the arts, living unique moments in the forest. Discover the list of forests participating in the Nuits des Forêts now and register for the events!

Successful breads and pastries with natural yeast
Recipes, tips and tricks
by Marlène Fiorot & Athina Canévet
col. Easy and Organic – ed. living land
132 pages – Price: €14
Natural yeast is full of nutritional benefits, offers unparalleled flavors and textures, and allows for better storage. This book offers about forty healthy bakery recipes, but also pastry recipes for which the use of yeast dough is totally innovative. Bread, focaccia, pizza dough, brioche, cookies, cakes, pies… to practice live cooking on a daily basis.
Marlène Fiorot, chemical engineer and teacher, is passionate about natural yeast. She gives us all her knowledge and experience here to understand the mechanisms of yeast fermentation and how to use it well.
Athina Canévet is a community manager, culinary photographer and food content creator.

The wines from Château de Crémat awarded in the 26th edition of the International Organic Wine Competition and in conversion
Belonging to the prestigious Bellet wine appellation in Nice, Château de Crémat has just won two medals in the International Organic Wine Competition and in conversion.
Château de Crémat’s 2019 vintage red and white wines (AOP Bellet) won gold and silver medals, respectively.
Château de Crémat – Red wine, vintage 2019 AOP Bellet Folle noire (75%), Grenache (25%). From €23 including VAT.
The bright, lively mantle is garnet in color with purple reflections.
In sour cherry, violet and black currant, the nose is very expressive and floral. She reveals herself all in greed and elegance. In the mouth, Folle Noire reveals floral notes and spicy black berries (violet, blackberry, currant), with a finish of sweet spices and cocoa. The harvest is harvested manually and goes through a process of destemming and crushing, followed by cooling, followed by alcoholic fermentation from 18°C. The harvest is aged in 28hl conical vats and 500l barrels.
Château de Crémat – White wine, 2019 vintage AOP Bellet Rolle (95%), Chardonnay (5%). From €23 including VAT.
The color is yellow with green reflections, its texture suggests its aromatic richness. On the nose, white flowers respond to citrus fruits, with a hint of jasmine tea. Allowed to breathe, the notes of aging in semi-muids appear in Madagascar vanilla. In the mouth, the wine is wide, we can distinguish pear and elderberry, acacia. The buttery touch is perfectly balanced by the freshness of Belletane at the end, lengthening the wine and its aromas. The vintage is harvested manually and goes through a process of destemming and crushing, followed by cooling, followed by alcoholic fermentation from 16°C. Part of the harvest is vinified and aged in oak barrels.

National Days of Lifeguards at Sea
June 25 and 26, 2022
Cannes Golfe-Juan

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, they are ready to help you, so think about them and support them during these days!
In Cannes, the last weekend of June will be marked by 2 highlights for the Cannes Golfe Juan SNSM season. On Saturday, June 25, the resort’s crew will participate in the Fête de la Marine and throughout the weekend, in the old port of Cannes, they will organize demonstrations in lifeboats. As the summer season approaches, these national days will be an opportunity to raise public awareness, train and disseminate prevention messages and remember good practices at sea.
Cannes SNSM Station is organizing a lifeboat demonstration with its crew, in the old port of Cannes at 3:30pm on Saturday, June 25, 2022.

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