In Saint-Honoré-les-bains, the Hunting and Nature Fair celebrates its 20th anniversary

The biggest hunting show in Burgundy is back on Saturday 30 July and Sunday 31 July in Saint-Honoré-les-Bains. After a 2021 edition canceled at the last moment, hunting and nature lovers will be happy to know that the event is back to its usual form. With a specificity: a fireworks display this Saturday, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary.

Supports for all equipment

The 2020 edition brought together about a hundred professionals. “This year, around one hundred and fifty exhibitors are expected”, underlines the organizer, Yannis Lemaître. All hunting associations in the area are present. Most importantly, the Departmental Federation of Hunters will present their exhibition of deer trophies.

Specialists in small or large hunting, bow hunting, course hunting, hunters… they will all be there. There are many options for shopping: sale of outdoor leisure clothes, ATV stalls, hunting reserve abroad, artisanal cutlery stalls, unpacking of equipment for dogs and horses… Not forgetting the arsenal, the optics, the dog food, collars, which can be engraved on the spot… In addition to local products: cheeses, cold cuts, sweets, craft beers, brioches with griaudes, honey, wines and other alcohols, etc. A raffle to win, first prize, a hunting trip to Senegal.

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This twentieth edition is marked by a strong presence of dogs, with more than six hundred animals expected. Two canine clubs will be present at the show to organize their national breeding competition: the Griffon Nivernais and the Wachtelhund. The weekend will also be punctuated by demonstrations of pointing dogs or hunting teams practicing hunting with hunting dogs. Show complete program (Read below).

It will be possible to eat on site

The little ones can enjoy the archery shows, trampolines or pony rides. The day of the show can be extended until the night for the fireworks display, around 10:00 pm or 10:30 pm.

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If temperatures rise too much, visitors can cool off with ice cream. In addition, a catering service, a sandwich bar and a refreshment bar will be available.

Timeline : The show is open on Saturday, July 30, from 10 am to 10:30 pm and on Sunday, July 31, from 10 am to 7 pm. Prices: Individual entry costs €3. Entry to the draw is €5. Contact:

After two rough years, the shows are back

Photo Christophe Masson Nature Hunting Fair 2018

Contests, demonstrations, shows, so much activity that is returning after these two complicated years of pandemic. Created by Yannis Lemaître, who lamented the lack of events related to hunting activities in Nièvre, the Hunting and Nature Fair has become one of the biggest events of its kind.

This weekend will be marked, in particular, by the presence of the two national creative competitions, which represents a first for the show. The usual dog shows are also on the program. And the traditional equestrian show, which will be provided by Cupid’s Stables.

In a “peasant and friendly” environment

Present on Saturday and Sunday, manager Tiphaine Bondoux and her riders will practice archery on horseback and offer initiations during the day. In the evening, they will perform a musical performance. Costumed riders will move their horses to the beat. Fireworks will be set off to commemorate the 20th anniversary of this event.

Sunday will continue this momentum. The Saint-Hubert Mass will be celebrated in the morning. Then the same activities will be offered. For example pony rides and stunts: squatting, standing…

The final of the dog show “on the farm” will be one of the highlights. Volunteers, as always, will serve the public in a “peasant and friendly” environment, promises Yannis Lemaître. Both neophytes and enthusiasts are sure to be warmly welcomed.

Dog competition “on the farm”

Photo Christophe Masson Nature Hunting Fair 2018

Hunting dogs have always had their place in the living room of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains. The dog competition “on the farm” allows them to evaluate their behavior in the face of a surprise situation of confrontation with the animal they need to stop.

Attracting several hundred people every year, this competition is unique in France. Usually, contests are held with real animals. Here, it will be a mechanical boar, hidden in the reconstruction of a thicket. The dog will be placed nearby and the boar will suddenly come out. “The dog’s attitude is then noticed, as well as its barking”, explains the organizer, Yannis Lemaître.

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