Hugo Clément: after criticism of Eid, journalist victim of death threats

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, Hugo Clément took to Twitter to denounce the death threats he has been subjected to since his criticism of the ritual slaughter of animals without stunning during the Muslim feast of Eid.

Former columnist for Yann Barthes inside the little newspaper of channel+then inside the show Daily about TMCHugo Clément is today one of the faces of the France Télévisions group, where he notably presents the program Ahead next to France 5. Openly committed to the defense of animals, the journalist had been very critical of the ritual slaughter of animals without stunning during the Muslim feast of Eid. A press release that earned him numerous death threatsas he himself revealed on Thursday, July 7, 2022 in twitter.

In the last few hours, I have received many death threats and hateful messages. simply by recalling the scientifically demonstrated cruelty of ritual slaughter without stunning. I will continue to do so without hesitation. It’s a matter of consistency“, he wrote on the social network, before continuing.”For many, opposing ritual slaughter is ‘Islamophobic’. What a pity to think so. Throughout the year, animal activists mobilize on 1000 issues : bullfighting, intensive agriculture, cruel hunting, industrial fishing, slaughterhouses ‘classic'”, added the journalist.

Hugo Clément: “No, associations don’t ‘wake up’ at Eid time”

There is no reason not to fight a practice that adds unnecessary suffering because it is done in the name of beliefs. No, associations do not ‘to wake up’ not at Eid time, they fight every day, and don’t turn a blind eye to anything“, specified Hugo Clément, before returning to his controversial support for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.”And as many criticize me for my support of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, we can make it clear: the Brigitte Bardot Foundation is a wonderful association that does incredible work in the field. I am proud to support her and will continue to do so.“, he concluded.

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