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Ukraine’s hopes are now all set on the Kherson counteroffensive, the move by which Kyiv is trying to reclaim parts of the country’s south along the Dnieper River, which have since been under Vladimir’s control since the start of the war. Russia Putin. It’s a brave enough move, but one that seems just as desperate, given the disparity of forces on the ground. a report of Washington Post reports the voice of Ukrainian soldiers who admit they do not have the artillery needed to recover the strategic city and defeat Moscow’s forces, and who complain of a huge technological delay with their better equipped adversaries.

And all this while the flow of Western weapons into the country is weakening. Berlin said today it had delivered to Ukraine an “incredible amount” of weapons from the Bundeswehr reserve, but made it clear that it had reached the limit of possibilities. Russia, on the other hand, is so convinced it can retain control of the region that it plans to hold a referendum on membership of the Federation in Kherson and other occupied areas such as Donbass on November 4, the day of national unity.

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“They used everything against us,” Denys, a 33-year-old Ukrainian soldier whose unit withdrew from a Russian-held village after a long barrage of cluster bombs, phosphorus ammunition, told the US newspaper. “Who can survive a five-hour attack like that? “, he said. Dionisio and eight other Ukrainian soldiers from seven different units told the hell of Kherson’s counteroffensive, and the picture they painted was not encouraging. 30-year-old platoon who injured his back when the tank he was traveling in fell into a ditch.

One of the problems facing Kyiv’s forces is a lack of training, as well as a lack of weapons. Ihor had no military experience before the Russian invasion that began on February 24 and worked selling feed for pig and cow farms. His replacement as platoon commander also lacks previous military experience. Soldiers were interviewed on stretchers and wheelchairs as they recovered from injuries sustained in last week’s offensive and some spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid disciplinary action.

While the WP One of Moscow’s tricks has been the Orlan drones, which can hover over Ukrainian positions more than a kilometer high, making them difficult to detect. Russian tanks broke through the newly built concrete fortifications, hit Kiev’s infantry with high-caliber artillery and returned to shelters protected by mortars and rockets. Federation radar systems are able to quickly pinpoint the locations from which attacks begin and unleash a barrage of artillery fire in response.

As if that wasn’t enough, Moscow is also winning the hacker war, with its IT experts who could have hijacked the Ukrainian operators’ drones, who were fired. For soldiers in Kyiv, just turning on your cell phone at the end of a battle, calling a loved one, a family member and getting some comfort, is a very risky move. An interception by the Russians means immediately becoming a target of enemy artillery. Oleksandr, a 28-year-old former construction worker who lost his arm in battle, said the Russian artillery fire was relentless. “They beat us all the time. If we fire three mortars, they fire 20.” Still, the young man does not seem to regret having participated in the battle and argued that to fight the Russian invaders it was worth sacrificing a limb. “This is our country,” he said.

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