Guillac: Gaëtan Nogues embarks on a quail breeding project

Gaëtan Nogues from Equi in Guillac is embarking on an original project of his own and wants to “do things right”. ©Le Ploërmelais.

Gaëtan Nogues, resident of Guillac (Morbihan)decided to embark on an original project: create your own quail farm. An ambition that has been coming to fruition since he registered his company name a few days ago, The Quail of the Jardin d’Equi. He is busy building his farm and has already taken in his first animals.

The entrepreneur indicates that the quail will be available for sale from April/May 2022, time to complete the projects that are taking place on his land.

A market to conquer

This project was born, among other things, from an accident in life: Gaëtan was victim of a heart attack two years ago, which forced him to stop all professional activity. Since then he hasn’t worked. “I was tired of doing nothing. It was for this reason that he wanted to start his own business. Furthermore, he noticed that thesupply in the quail sector was very limited in the territory.

I asked on Facebook who would possibly be interested in creating a quail farm in the area, and I received over 50 responses, and already several requests when the project is not completed. In two months it will be good, but there really is a market to conquer.

“There are more orders than animals,” and getting groceries isn’t easy. If you encounter any difficulties in obtaining the animals, explain that for your future customers this offer is of great interest. He indicates that he will sell the birds individually at a price of €4 or €5.

“I want to do something good”

Guillacois specifies that it does not kill them, but rather sells them as ornamental animals”, like pets. They are beautiful and very calm animals. »

I want to breed, but without oppressing the animals, taking care of them, not piling them in cages and raising them outdoors, producing naturally… I don’t want something industrial or intensive in breeding.

The first quails stay in the garage, protected from the cold, while the pens are built. This cage, which has a heating lamp, will accommodate the chicks. ©Le Ploërmelais

“The herd will grow quickly. I still have to receive 30 quails in a few days… In four months I should be at 300/400 quails. In fact, quails are productive, as Gaëtan already supplies eggs to his neighbors, who, he says, particularly appreciate them.

With a target of 900 birds, three pens, a heated cage for future chicks and cages to be built indoors for periods of extreme cold, Gaëtan has a lot to take care of. He has so far received about ten quails, “they got used to it quickly”. In addition, 40 eggs occupy the incubator, “it’s the first litter, I can’t wait to see them hatch, the little ones are very cute. »

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find partners

On the other hand, “I must find partner stores to sell my eggs, we will have to sell everything that the quails produce and we will arrive in large quantities. »

It is considering the acquisition of another piece of land and is looking for support, namely association subsidies. “Nothing was built, I had to do everything,” a significant budget effort. But Gaëtan is confident in the future “I invested a lot, but it should evolve quickly. ” In some days, the first babies will be born.

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