“Emile Zola already demanded an end to bullfighting”: before the debate in the Assembly, Aymeric Caron sharpens his arguments

This Thursday, November 24th, within the framework of the parliamentary niche of La France insoumise, a bill will be discussed and voted on in the National Assembly, which aims to ban bullfighting in France. Related LFI MP Aymeric Caron carries the text which will be discussed and voted on on Thursday.

His bill was rejected by the law commission. How did you experience it?

The fact that the text was rejected in committee does not change its course. It will be studied and voted on November 24th. And then the rejection was very tight, the votes had to be recounted. We are not in a configuration where the “against” would have crushed the “in favor”. But I was surprised. I am faced with political groups that have announced the abandonment of freedom to vote and I ask myself if this is not purely artificial. MEPs from different groups that I meet tell me that they want to vote in favor of this text. But they also tell me about the pressure they are under to not vote for him.

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I was also disappointed with the nature of the debates. The speakers of the groups were quite aggressive, they tried to find excuses to justify not voting on this text. They just explained that I was the problem, not the law. I heard that too, that I wanted to go very far, that this text would pave the way for dozens of future bans, with the most absolute bad faith.

Do you hear the argument? In “Abolição”, your book, you announce that banning bullfighting would only be a first step, then decline what you plan to do next…

Yup. This is what many French people want. On each of the topics, you will find the opinion of about 75% of French people who want this: the end of intensive agriculture, new ways of looking at experimentation, depriving themselves of often useless tests on animals, a hunting reform. It surprises me that journalists or politicians who seem out of step with this country’s history should be surprised that I try to put into practice what polls tell us about the desires of the French.

But then you want to go for something more radical, creating four essential rights for what you call non-human animals…

Of course, I’m radical. I wrote books, I created a party that defends radical ideas, it’s a fixed horizon. But, as you will read my book, you will see that I explain what is possible to do in the coming years. And if you’re offended by my saying “non-human animals,” the problem is on your side, no offense. When I use this expression, I’m trying to correct a language inconsistency. Today we say humans and animals. This is a naming error.

Since Darwin, it has been known without a doubt that humans are animals. This is the problem: when you introduce nuances or differences into vocabulary that have no biological meaning, you are working to build a false imagination. Humans belong to the category of great apes. And so. And behind, in fact, there is a vision of society. Because if animals are not things, if we are animals ourselves, it changes our perspective.

But with the desire to go further, one might think, for example, that after the bullfights, the Camargue race, one day, in turn, could be affected by a ban. Do you understand that this worries?

Emile Zola already called for an end to bullfighting. So there you are, well, not you especially, but those who advertise this type of pitch make for elements of fun. To be against bullfighting is to be against the torture and public execution of an animal. And yes, I’ve written books where I’ve said that there are many forms of animal exploitation that I would like to see eliminated.

But it would still be necessary for me to have the means to do so. Let’s imagine that I want to ban the Camargue race, which is not the case. How could I? A law would have to be passed. But I alone, deputy, against 576, I have no power. My specificity as an animal defender allowed only one thing: for this text to appear in the niche. Without me, he probably wouldn’t be here.

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