Discovering the gray wolf, predator of the Massif Central

The Chabrières wolf park located on the heights of Guéret specializes in this legendary animal. Three species are presented. There is the black wolf, the arctic wolf and the European gray wolf, the one that, precisely, rages in our territory.

The wolf had disappeared from France in 1947, eradicated by man, because of its bad reputation. For 50 years, there were no more in France. Then, in 1992, he came back. Of Italian origin, he crossed the Alps and slowly but surely recovered, much to the chagrin of breeders who may fall victim to his attacks on their flocks.wolves of Chabrières

In Margeride (Cantal), breeders suspect that the wolf has attacked their sheep

There are no wolf packs in the Massif Central

Today, experts count about 800 wolves in France. An approximate value, as explained by Abel Guittard, park director.

Studies are carried out every year. They are made in relation to noises, passages, excrement. Because these wolves don’t all live in packs.

There are between 6 to 10 wolf packs in France and at the moment none are (yet) installed in the Massif Central. The wolves seen in Creuse, Cantal or Puy-de-Dôme are isolated individuals. A chance ? Certainly for breeders, because when the pack leader triggers a hunt, his goal is to feed all the animals in the pack. But Abel Guittard also explains that when a wolf, even alone, finds himself in a herd, he can still kill several lambs.

For him, it’s like being in the middle of a giant pantry. He doesn’t kill to play, just to eat. But for fear of losing, he kills.

Chabrières Wolves / Summit Cabinet / Watty Wolf / New Mackenzie Wolves @ Julie Ho Hoa
Faced with its attacks, Abel Guittard, in love and in love with this animal, remains confident. According to him, solutions will be found for breeders to protect their herds and for everyone to be able to live together.

How is the tourist season in the agglomeration of Grand Guéret (Creuse)?

Wolves and other animals to discover

The Chabrières wolf park also has wolves and other animals in our territory to discover. Other predators like the fox or the wild boar. But also badgers, deer, deer, as well as a mini-farm for the happiness of the little ones.

The Chabrières Wolf Park is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm until the end of June and until 7 pm in July and August.

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