Dead sea lion, dying seal, swimming penguins… Wave of indignation against a Spanish zoo

Images showing the unacceptable conditions in which animals live at the public zoo in Santander (Spain) are creating shock waves among animal rights activists. If the city has apologized, it rejects accusations of neglect during the lockdown. analyzes the situation of this establishment located in the capital of Cantabria.

The images are chilling. At the Magdalena Palace mini zoo in Santander, northern Spain, post-confinement public visits have turned into a nightmare with the discovery of animals in captivity in very poor condition. A sea lion (a species of sea lion) was even found dead, half covered in a garbage bag.

The corpse of a sea lion in a garbage bag

The corpse of a sea lion half covered in a plastic bag shocked onlookers./©Laura Gongoso

In the images captured by the Spanish influencer Laura Gangoso, other marine animals seem abandoned to their fate. ” In addition to the sea lion corpse, we were outraged by the conditions in which the seals livedcriticizes instagrammer contacted by They were swimming in greenish water. One of them was floating dying on the surface with some sort of foam on him, which suggests he has been in this state for some time. We continue to have too many penguins for their small enclosure. And I’m not talking about the heat. It was almost 30 degrees. It was terrible. It shouldn’t exist anymore. These animals have nothing here. »

The city clumsily defends itself

It shouldn’t exist anymore. These animals have nothing here.

Laura Gangoso – Whistleblower

As the zoo is under municipal jurisdiction, the city and the autonomous community of Cantabria stand out. To find out, the environmental manager in Santander, Margarita Rojo, claimed that the death of the sea lion ” it’s natural “and that the entire veterinary team responsible for animal welfare” have been working during the state of emergency to ensure care for all species and their facilities. “The elect added that there were such works” oxygenate and facilitate the entry of sea water so that the animals are in the best conditions “. On the other hand, ” all animals in the enclosure tolerate warm temperatures “. A veiled reference to the suspicious death of a polar bear a few years earlier. As for the mayor of Santander, Gema Igual Ortiz, she laconically assures that ” seals that are not moving may look dead, but they are not. They are a little sleepy. »

The sand was completely dry, the conduit through which the water was supposed to enter was clogged.replies Laura Gangoso. It hasn’t changed for days or even months. The rules are clearly not respected. Another witness, contacted by the French association Code Animal, a partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, describes animals ” in poor condition, the pool water is green and full of algae in every corner and on the shore. »

Animal protection associations call for park closure

The municipal justifications did not convince animal protection associations in the Pyrenees. ” Above all, we must stop the breeding of animals in this zoo.slice for Aida Gascón, director of the Anima Naturalis association, who is preparing to meet the municipal team of Santander. You must no longer bring in animals of any breeding or purchase from other zoos. If the facilities are adequate and the municipal budget follows suit, this should be transformed into an animal rescue center. As it stands, that’s not the case. We will call for closure if we can guarantee a safe destination for these poor animals.»

The death of the sea lion Lucas is not an isolated casecriticizes the Spanish animalist party (Pacma). In this horrendous zoo, we know that another sea lion died shortly before. In addition, temperatures are unsuitable for these animals. Conditions are terrible. We must stop these open air prisons.”

All opposition political parties expressed their displeasure with the situation of the Palazzo de la Magdalena zoo and threatened to go to court to put an end to the hell of these animals.


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