creator Landes arrested for a video of L214 in court

A Landes duck farmer is due to answer for animal abuse this Monday before the Dax criminal court. In August 2020, one of his breeding sites, a hatchery in Lichos (64), was arrested by a video of activists from the association L214. We saw live ducks in an unsanitary building, amid dung, worms, rats and decaying duck corpses.

The Dax court is reviewing the legal follow-up to this case on Monday, with Landes’ creator on the bench who, at the time of the events, owned three companies. They were all domiciled in Villenave, near Morcenx-la-Nouvelle. This 40-year-old man had been incubating and producing day-old ducklings in Lichos (64) since late 2014. He also raised 20,000 chickens and 10,000 fattened ducks in Cassen, near Montfort-en-Chalosse, and raised ducks in Larrivière, near Granada sur-Adour and at Momuy, near Hagetmau. On the contrary, the L214 association is a civil party alongside the State services.

An in-depth investigation of veterinary services

In August 2020, the video filmed by L214 at the farmer Landes even reacted to the Minister of Agriculture who had asked for the closure of the farm and an investigation by the veterinary services. A few days later, the Landes municipality published an order to close the breeder’s Landes establishments as well.

Many infractions and fines were highlighted in five breeding sites. Mistreatment of animals committed by a professional, damage to the environment, sanitary failures, administrative deficiencies: the cases brought by the Public Ministry are numerous. The health problems identified in Lichos were observed in a similar way to Cassen”, details before the trial on Monday, a press release from the association L214. Before specifying: The investigation also revealed that the operator himself had killed 400 ducks by displacing the neck with pliers and left the corpses of these animals to decompose on the spot in a building on the Lichos farm, thrown directly into a dumpster and then covered with a plastic sheet with weight on top”.

The association L214 requests that the breeder be prohibited from carrying out activities related to animals and reiterates its request to the Minister of Agriculture: “carry out an audit of all breeding duck farms and hatcheries in the foie gras sector and publish the full inspection reports“.

The creator no longer denies the facts

In August 2020, asked the day after the L214 video was broadcast in front of her hatchery in Lichos, Aurore Vidal, co-owner of the creation, explained into our microphone: “We absolutely do not recognize each other in this video. This video montage is fake, misleading and dishonest. It is made from images that absolutely do not correspond to the site“.

More than a year later and in the face of investigation by the State services, the tone has changed. Maître Frédéric Dutin, lawyer for the accused creator of Landais, Christophe Vidal, no longer disputes the facts: “We are not going to deny the obvious. On the other hand, I believe that there are explanations that are not justifications. at the time, particularly in the industry and more specifically in relation to this farm, explains why things went to hell. There were financial problems, a bloodless breeder who didn’t know how to sound the alarm bells at the right time”.

The breeder Landes no longer carries out his activity today. His business was put into compulsory liquidation.

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