Cléguérec: the Auberge des cerfs de Kerfulus is organizing its first Christmas market on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 December

Hervé Allain at the farm shop for direct sale at L’Auberge des cerfs de Kerfulus in Cléguérec (Morbihan). (© Pontivy Journal)

Kerfulus Deer Inn for Cleguerec (Morbihan) organizes its first christmas market this Saturday December 19 and Sunday December 20, 2020, to try to forget about your worst year. How confinements and the restaurants closed, this outdoor deer farm has lost a lot.

A Christmas market on the farm!

“We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Auberge des cerfs Kerfulus this year. We will remember this anniversary: ​​it is our worst year. » Hervé Allain look around you, sitting on your terrace and enjoying the calm weather.

Yes, 2020 is the worst year for this outdoor deer breeder in Cléguérec, which mainly supplies restaurants and wholesalers…

He wants to give himself a boost and is organizing a small Christmas market for the first time, in the green setting of Kerfulus, this Saturday 19 December and Sunday 20 December 2020.

It’s the first time we’ve done this before the holidays. We want to see people at home since we were closed. We want the regulars to come back. We will do this outdoors, with the possibility of shelter, respecting barrier gestures.

Hervé AllainFrom the Auberge des cerfs de Kerfulus to Cléguérec

For this special weekend, sale of fresh meat (venison and wild boar), preserves and terrines, baskets with crepes and mulled wine stalls. With a raffle and drawing contest for children, “to help them win little things, just to…” slides into Hervé Allain.

Not forgetting the presence of Santa Claus for two days!

Head to the local markets!

A weekend that will allow him to start a turn to start a year 2021 announcing changes.

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The Auberge des cerfs de Kerfulus has a restaurant, but above all its direct sales shop. Even if the sale of mixed baskets works very well as the holiday season approaches, this will not save the year 2020. Hervé Allain wants to adapt to suffer less.

We are thinking for 2021, to do things differently. We are going to develop local markets in the country of Pontivyan, we already have some orders from municipalities. We’ll sell fresh meat and charcuterie. We haven’t done this before, just one or two in the summer in Mûr-de-Bretagne. Ideas are spinning in your head.

Hervé AllainFrom the Deer Inn of Kerfulus
Hervé Allain at the Christmas market in Cléguérec (Morbihan), place Pobéguin, Saturday, December 12, 2020. He wants to develop sales in Central Brittany markets from 2021.
Hervé Allain at the Christmas market in Cléguérec (Morbihan), place Pobéguin, Saturday, December 12, 2020. He wants to develop sales in Central Brittany markets from 2021. (©Pontivy Journal Archives)

What about visits to the park?

Kerfulus can also be visited. A huge park must be discovered in about thirty hectares where deer and deer play, with llamas too, wild boar…

A popular spot for group visits year round, but not in 2020 due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

We managed to reopen between the two confinements. We didn’t have any groups this summer, they all canceled. But we have more individual visits. We will see in 2021, but the reception of groups will be complicated again…

Hervé AllainFrom Auberge de Kerfulus to Cléguérec

Meanwhile, Hervé Allain, who runs L’Auberge des cerfs de Kerfulus with his wife Christine, is busy celebrating the end of the year. After Christmas, orders will come in for the New Year, even if it feels like a second Christmas because of the curfew.

Hervé Allain launches: “Even with a few small questions, the Auberge will always be there! »

practical information

– Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 December 2020, from 10 am to 6 pm, in the village of Kerfulus in Cléguérec (Morbihan), Christmas market at the Auberge des cerfs de Kerfulus. Sale of Kerfulus products, pancakes, mulled wine, raffle, drawing contest (children) and Santa Claus. Outdoors with the possibility of shelter, in strict compliance with barrier gestures.
– Direct sales store open every day, before the end of the year holidays, closed on December 25th and January 1st.

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