“Chaud Dedans”: campaign to warn about the transport of farm animals in summer

Transporting “panting” animals on roads or in livestock vessels: With the “Warm Inside” campaign, Welfarm is alerting the government to the suffering suffered by farm animals in high heat. A scourge to which the 30 Million Friends Foundation has already warned the various successive Ministers of Agriculture.

Summer is approaching… and its devastating effects on farm animals too. To limit the suffering inflicted on them on the roads or at sea, the NGO Welfarm – with which the 30 Million Friends Foundation is a partner – is asking the government to take responsibility.

Government will take concrete steps

Governments must ” quickly implement concrete measures, not only in terms of transport, but also in terms of conditions for raising land animals and fish », alerts the association. Among the measures envisaged: the cessation of transport of animals above 30°C, as well as the cessation of exports of animals to third countries (outside the European Union), ” that expose them for long periods of time to heat-related distress “. No forget” the consequences of global warming for animals on farms “. The heat waves of 2019 would have led to an excess of mortality of around 40% in swine and poultry production sites; gold, “cheat waves are expected to become increasingly frequent and intense due to climate change “, the NGO is alarmed.

In January 2022, the European Parliament asked the Commission to strengthen regulations aimed at protecting animals during transport, considering the current rules “ outdated, inconsistent and misapplied “. In a non-binding text, MEPs called for ” switch to transporting meat instead of live animals “. This vote followed the work of a parliamentary commission of inquiry that had revealed numerous violations of European rules on the subject, adopted in 2005. Among the most egregious violations are “ lack of water and overcrowding within the means of transport, as well as the use of inappropriate vehicles “.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation is mobilizing

However, the 30 Milhões de Amigos Foundation referred to too little progress in this regard, with most of the recommendations resulting from the Commission of Inquiry (ANIT) having been paradoxically revised downwards. It denounces, among other things, the exclusion of maritime transport from the planned improvements and the largely inadequate protection of animals that are not weaned or pregnant. The text voted by the European Parliament will have to be analyzed by the Council of the European Union as well as by the European Commission (for a legislative proposal scheduled for autumn 2023, editor’s note).

Meanwhile, the 30 Million Friends Foundation – which has repeatedly appealed to successive Ministers of Agriculture to suspend the transport of live animals during heat waves – also continues to demand more drastic measures, namely: a strict limitation of the transport of all animals live animals for 8 hours a day, the cessation of exports of live animals outside the European Union, as well as the generalization of the transport of carcasses. His petition to demand that the transport of animals for slaughter be stopped during the heat wave also collected around 88,000 signatures. A cause that also sensitizes public opinion, as 83% of French people say they are in favor of the slaughter of farmed animals at the place of creation by professionals, to avoid suffering related to the transport of animals and scandals of mistreatment. (Barometer Foundation 30 million friends/Ifop, 2021).

The “TruckAlert” app allows you to report cattle trucks driving despite scorching temperatures to ” make visible the millions of cows, pigs, sheep, chickens that suffocate each summer in silence in trucks “.” By supporting the photos, each TruckAlert user will send a clear message to the government, concludes Wellness. It is urgent to ban livestock trucks from driving, sometimes illegally, in scorching temperatures under which animals suffocate or even die. “.

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