Bird lover Erwan launches his own creation in Freneuse-sur-Risle

A true enthusiast, Erwan Buisson has been raising his chickens since June 2021.
A true enthusiast, Erwan Buisson has been raising his chickens since June 2021. (©The Awakening of Pont-Audemer)

You must have already seen if you frequent the markets of Brionne or Lieurey. Erwan Buissona 22-year-old young breeder, has been researching this small part of the Eure department since June 2021. Some time before, he was in the city of Freneuse-sur-Risle (Eure)near Montfort-sur-Risle, which put the bags on the floor.

Owner of an old farmhouse, he built his own chicken coops there. Since the age of 15, the young man dreams of managing his own farm. “Since I was little, my parents have had animals, mostly for leisure, at home. There was always a small yard at home that I tended to. I always liked it. »

180 laying hens

His growing passion, Erwan Buisson logically decides to embark on agricultural studies. First, he will earn an agricultural technology bachelor’s degree before continuing with a BTS in animal production and a professional license in processing local food products. So, to train as close to his ambitions as possible, he trained as a butcher for six months. And since January 1st, the 22-year-old breeder has fully started his activity, after having divided his time between his farm and the Coudray farm in Condé-sur-Risle, where he worked.

Since the beginning of its creation in mid-2021, his small farm has grown in volume: “I left with 30 laying hens, today I have 180”. .

When you open the boxes he sells in the market, you might be surprised by the diversity and color nuances of the eggs. This is because Erwan breeds six different breeds: the Sussex, the Marans, the Leghorn, the Bavarian, the Cotentine, and the Red hen. The young man explains:

“I want to offer good quality products to customers. And then there’s [poules] cotentinas, also makes it possible to promote more local breeds. »

Erwan Buisson

To ensure this quality, it chose to do “only direct sales”. He offers his wares in markets as explained above, but he also plans to sell at Coudray farm and maybe even other farms. Finally, he comes up with the idea of ​​installing an automatic farm locker near his farm or a more conventional store. But this is still conditional.

If for the time being he only offers eggs with his laying hens, Erwan Buisson would also like, in the coming months, to raise and sell ready-to-cook chicken. By mid-2022, he plans to complete his pen in Freneuse with said chickens. The entire transformation and sale will be entirely carried out by him. In its direct selling logic, the creator wants to be the only intermediary between him and his customers. In his eyes, this is a guarantee of quality, thanks to the proximity he maintains with “his increasingly loyal clientele” and which he is pleased to find every week on his stops in the markets.

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Practical information: The Corral de Freneuse, 4 rue de la Berquerie in Freneuse-sur-Risle. Facebook Page: La Basse-Cour de Freneuse. Such. 06 26 29 71 58.

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